Five simple ways for cleaning shower door scratches and smears with $1 kitchen materials.


Five simple ways for cleaning shower door scratches and smears with $1 kitchen materials.

Shower doors made of glass are prone to tenacious water streaks and difficult-to-remove markings. There is, however, a simple and cost-effective remedy that will restore streak-free doors. Glass shower doors are one area of the bathroom that, no matter how much elbow grease you put in, may be tough to clean. This is due to the high mineral concentration in the water.

Water splashes onto the shower door as you shower.

The greater the number of minerals in each drop, the harder the water in your area is.

The minerals will then leave a residue on your glass shower door in the form of limescale or watermarks, which can be difficult to remove.

However, there is an easy and somewhat inexpensive method of erasing markings from your shower door that you may already have in your kitchen cabinet.

White vinegar and baking soda, commonly known as bicarbonate of soda, can be used to clean a variety of unclean locations around the house, including washing machines and carpet stains.

When white vinegar and baking soda are combined, they form a difficult cleaning solution.

Baking soda helps dissolve organic substances such as grime and grease, while vinegar is particularly good at eliminating hard water stains.

Furthermore, the mineral structure of baking soda particles helps to produce a soft abrasive that is ideal for those difficult-to-remove blemishes.

One of the most appealing aspects of adopting natural products is their low cost.

Although the price of white vinegar and baking soda varies depending on the brand, they can be found in supermarkets for less than £1 in some situations.

Asda supermarkets are currently selling white vinegar for 29p and baking soda for 65p.

White vinegar specifically developed for cleaning is available from several cleaning products, such as Stardrops.

This item costs roughly £1.05.

You’ll need a spray bottle to evenly disperse the white vinegar across the glass surface while cleaning your shower door using white vinegar and baking soda.

You should also wipe the mixture away with a cloth or towel.

Microfiber towels are especially effective at removing streaks and blemishes.

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