Five of the most touching moments from the BBC show Dragon’s Den


Five of the most touching moments from the BBC show Dragon’s Den

DRAGON’S DEN has been on British television for nearly two decades, and during that time, fans have witnessed a string of heartfelt events. Five of the greatest have been chosen by this website.

Since 2005, 13 seasons of would-be entrepreneurs attempting to entice investors have shown on Dragon’s Den. People have witnessed victories, defeats, and the formation of innumerable great businesses during that time. This website has looked at five situations when Dragons and contestants were seen on tape sharing emotional interactions.

Will, the self-proclaimed “heart of Mak Tok,” performed in front of the dragons in 2019.

He delivered a chilli paste based on a recipe he “nicked from his mum” after beginning with a snappy melody on his guitar.

After explaining his path to creating his sauce and paste variety, the enigmatic host managed to bring the dragons to tears.

He added that while studying in England, he yearned for a taste of Malaysia (his homeland), and his mother stepped in to help by sending him ingredients and a recipe.

Sarah Davies was moved to tears by his touching proposal, encouraging her to join Will and his cousin in investing in a third of the company.

Kameese Davis, the founder of Nylah’s Naturals, was a Dragon’s Den contestant earlier this year.

Her April pitch asked the dragons for a £50,000 investment in her product, which she named after her daughter Nylah.

Ms Davis told the dragons that she devised the lotion to help her daughter, who had dermatitis, believe that her hair was “magnificent.”

She went on to say that she built the award-winning brand while raising two children and working part-time.

Sarah Davies was moved by the pitch and offered unwavering support, causing Ms Davies to cry happy tears as she exclaimed, “I believe in you.”

Dupsy Abiola appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2012 in search of investors for her graduate recruitment business.

Intern Avenue aimed to connect firms with job-seeking students and graduates.

But it was Ms Abiola, an ex-lawyer, who wowed two dragons as she sought £100,000 for her company.

Her proposal became emotional when she mentioned her father, a “very, very successful entrepreneur” and ardent proponent of democracy who was imprisoned under Nigeria’s military regime.

Her family was “terrorized,” she said, and they “lost everything” before dad died under the regime when she was 16.

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