First Look At Ethan Hawke In Moon Knight Teaser


First Look At Ethan Hawke In The Moon Knight Teaser

Ethan Hawke was recently introduced to fans in Moon Knight.

This weekend, a teaser trailer for the show was released, promising a full trailer for the show during the NFL Playoffs on Monday.

All of this is thrilling.

The first taste of the series’ main villain is also thrilling.

Marc Spector’s journey will become mystical, and Hawke’s character is said to play into that.

He’s been tight-lipped about which villain he’ll be playing.

There has been speculation about Moon Knight’s rogues’ entire history, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Take a look at the actor and Oscar Isaac in the video below:

Hawke joked about playing a cult leader on Late Night With Seth Myers last year.

MONDAY, during the NFL Super Wild Card matchup on @[email protected], watch the world trailer premiere of the all-new @disneyplus original series, @marvelstudios’ (hashtag)MoonKnight. pic.twitter.com248BIAcM7

Hawke said, “I’ve based my character on David Koresh,” before Myers burst out laughing.

“I mean, it’s working, I guess.”

I’d love to ride in on a Camero, you know?

I’m not sure I believe you, Seth.

Maybe I’m still in character… I’m not sure we want to say that.

However, I will say that he is a great source of character inspiration.”

In a similar interview with The Wrap, the star joked that these MCU projects have a million layers of red tape.

Secrets must be kept hidden for fear of repercussions.

As a result, he signed those NDAs and intends to keep them.

Hawke told the outlet last year, “I’ve signed about 10,000 NDAs and they give me a hard time whenever I say anything about it.”

“They keep it under wraps.”

They enjoy building up suspense.

However, I can see why people want to work for them.

They are very active and friendly.

They do a good job of world-building and making room for the actors.

They want you to play if you’re interested.”

Before the big trailer, Moon Knight has a brief description:

“A new action-adventure series set around the world, starring a complex vigilante with dissociative identity disorder.”

Inside him, he has multiple personalities that are thrust upon him…

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