‘Fireworks all over the place, left, right, and center.’ The UK bride from Married At First Sight teases the upcoming series.


‘Fireworks all over the place, left, right, and center.’ The UK bride from Married At First Sight teases the upcoming series.

THE MARRIAGE AT FIRST SIGHT In a candid appearance on Lorraine, Morag Crichton and Tayah Victoria revealed that the series is explosive.

While appearing on Lorraine, Morag, 31, described E4’s Married at First Sight as “fireworks left, right, and center.” Christine Lampard, who was filling in for Loraine Kelly on the morning talk program, assured her that viewers would not be disappointed. Each week, 16 people are paired by a panel of experts on the hit reality show. Christine and ITV viewers, Morag said, would like the series, which sounds like it will be packed with drama.

Christine confirmed, “Morag, your big night is tonight, on the telly.”

“There was a short snippet at the close of last night’s broadcast when you mentioned of your new groom, ‘This is not what I ordered.’

“Of course, nothing else was revealed, but let’s just say you didn’t appear to be as delighted as I had hoped.”

“I mean, the initial appeal wasn’t there,” Morag said.

“However,” she said cryptically, “just keep watching.”

“How much more can you tell us, though?” says the narrator. Christine was the one who inquired. “Let’s face it, you can tell whether there’s a connection right immediately.

“I can only picture what’s going on in your gut,” says the viewer.

Morag noted that she had spent her entire life relying on “first attraction,” but that she needed to change her thinking.

She added, “It wasn’t working for me before, so I had to trust the process.”

“Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed,” Tayah Victoria, who was also talking to Christine, vowed.

“There are fireworks left, right, and center,” she added.

“Does Nikita happen to be in those fireworks?” Christine enquired.

Tayah, not wanting to give too much away, said, “Ohh, potentially!”

The presenter said, “Let’s just say Nikita knows what she wants in life, is that a lovely way of expressing it, Morag?”

The participant said, “She clearly knows what she wants.”

“She’s got a very, very long tick sheet,” says the narrator. However, it was clear what the specialists were attempting.

“They were attempting to meet her halfway. It’s about showing us that we’re not doing things correctly, which is why we’re still single.”

“You are living it right; it must devour everything in your life – your family, everyone,” Christine continued.

“It does,” Morag confessed. “However, I am glad for the support of my friends and family.

“They are aware of who I am.” Brinkwire Summary News


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