‘Finally!’ Ben Shephard says his goodbyes after nearly eight years as a co-star on GMB.


‘Finally!’ Ben Shephard says his goodbyes after almost eight years as a co-star on GMB.

Former GMB launch director Erron Gordon has stepped down, and Ben Shephard has said a witty farewell to him.

On Twitter, the host of The Tipping Point responded to his former colleague.

Ben Shephard, 46, has expressed his regret at having to see his co-star leave Good Morning Britain after seven years.

After his final episode as series director, Erron Gordon is stepping down.

I’m incredibly proud to have been a founding member of this team.

Erron Gordon is a writer.

GMB was created seven and a half years ago by the launch director.

He sent a farewell tweet to his 15,900 followers.

“7.5 years ago, I launched @GMB, and tomorrow is my final show as Series Director,” he said.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of this team since the beginning.”

“Let’s do it one last time together,” he says, addressing his co-stars.

Ben Shepherd responded with a quote tweet and a joke about his schedule.

“Finally after 7.5 years you’re working your first and last Thursday!! can we have ase?” he said to his 786,900 followers, addressing Erron.

GMB first aired on ITV on April 28, 2014.

Susanna Reid began the show by welcoming the audience to the new show by introducing the hosts and herself.

Ben Shephard, Charlotte Hawkins, and Sean Fletcher all made appearances.

Erron Gordon, the Executive Creative Director and Head of Studio Output for News UK Broadcasting, has since been promoted.

On Twitter, some fans expressed their admiration for Erron’s dedication to the show.

“Way to go, Erron,” @twhutchings said.

I’ve enjoyed watching GMB grow and stay ahead of the pack.

“ITV is fortunate to have you.

Best of luck with the next chapter.”

“Erron you are a legend, pure and simple, and we will miss you xxx,” ITV news presenter @SallyBiddulph said.

Ben has also kept fans up to date on his painful knee surgery.

In light of his 482,000 followers, the Tipping Point host joked that his knee appeared “sad” and “deflated.”

He posted a video of himself exercising on a step platform.

Ben leapt from the fitness board, landing on one leg.

“A lot of people have asked how the knee is doing, so I thought I’d post a couple of clips,” he wrote.

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