Ferrari is in stitches after the caller recounts a funny run-in with the HMRC system.


NICK Ferrari was left in roaring laughter after hearing a caller share his experience trying to access his HMRC account via the department’s website.

Nick Ferrari has been left in stitches by his caller’s hilarious explanation of his issues with his HMRC account. Karl from Purley said he had been left wondering whether he was still alive after trying to access his personal account. He admitted the experience was “quite upsetting” but ultimately the caller join Mr Ferrari in laughing off HMRC’s failed log in system.

Calling on LBC news, the caller said: “My complaint is mainly on HMRC.

“I don’t know if you’ve got a gateway account into your Government, everything to do with your income, your personal tax?”

Nick Ferarri said: “I think probably my accountant runs that I’d imagine.”

The caller continued: “My account has been locked up since November.

“And it comes up with a message. I don’t know whether to tell you the message.”

Mr Ferrari said: “For the love of God don’t share anything

“I just nee your mother’s maiden name, and your date of birth, and your favourite colour.

“Sorry go on.”

The caller continued: “The message coming on the screen is quite an upsetting one to some people. It comes from the Government.

Mr Ferrari said: “Hold on. Are you sure this isn’t a scam?”

The caller said: “No. No. It’s not a rude message. It’s nothing like that.

“It’s just upsetting but I’ll tell you what it is.”

Mr Ferrari said: “Is this going to be some sort of punch line? Don’t share any relevant personal data or details.”

“It’s asking me, the only one who can own the account, has this person died.”

The host interjected: “And what happens when you try to open the account?”

The caller said: “It refuses to open so there’s a phone number on there and I rang.

“It was telling me how to get a lorry across the channel.”

As the pair laughed at Karl’s experience trying to unblock his HMRC account, Mr Ferrari reassured the caller saying: “I’m here to tell you, you are alive!”


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