Fernando, a Brazilian footballer, is now playing in China under the name Fei Nanduo.


Fernando, a Brazilian footballer, is now known in China as Fei Nanduo.

After becoming a naturalized Chinese citizen and earning a call up to the Chinese national team, Brazilian star Fernando is now known as Fei Nanduo.

Fernando, a Brazilian-born Chinese citizen, changed his name to Fei Nanduo after becoming a Chinese citizen.

The 28-year-old Brazilian was born in Sao Paulo and rose through the ranks of Atlético Sorocaba before joining Flamengo.

Fernando responded to the call of the Far East by moving to the Chinese Super League in 2015 after failing to impress following a move to Europe.

Since then, he has remained in China, naturalizing as a citizen and earning a call-up to the Chinese national team.

Fernando changed his name to Fei Nanduo at that point.

Fei Nanduo is one of five Brazilians who have become Chinese citizens as a result of their participation in the CSL.

Elkeson, also known as Ai Kesen, is the most notable, having earned 13 international caps for China after impressing in the CSL.

Alosio, Luo Guofu, is a Chinese citizen who moved to Shandong Luneng from Brazil in 2014.

Before switching nationalities, both Alan Carvalho (A Lan) and Ricardo Goulart (Gao Late) had international caps for Brazil.

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However, some countries have expressed dissatisfaction with China’s implementation of naturalized players, and others have suggested that a limit be set.

“I have never heard of any restrictions – three, four, five?” Tyias Browning, a naturalized Chinese defender, said.

“When it comes to naturalized players, I have two criteria in mind.”

‘The first is to qualify for the Chinese national team.

The second crucial point is that they are eager to represent their country.”


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