Fern Britton talks about her favorite spots in Cornwall: ‘Much more amusing than wherever else I’ve lived.’


Fern Britton talks about her favorite spots in Cornwall: ‘Much more amusing than wherever else I’ve lived.’

In a new two-part TV series on Channel 5, FERN BRITTON is keen to discover what makes Cornwall unique.

Fern Britton is in Cornwall in a new TV series, and she is having the time of her life.

Now that she’s settled in the county, the former TV host and now author is determined to learn everything she can about one of the UK’s most popular leisure destinations.

“Living in Cornwall is much slower and lot funnier than wherever else I have lived,” she remarked.

Cornwall is one of the most popular staycation destinations, with four million tourists each year.

Fern began visiting Looe with her family on vacation in the 1950s and is now a permanent resident, on a personal mission to discover what makes the county she adores so intriguing.

“Anywhere in Cornwall fits me,” Fern stated when asked about her favorite sites in Cornwall. “My favorite places are Looe, Polperro, Tintagel, Sennen Cove, Bodmin Moor, Padstow, Golitha Falls, and Trebarwith strand.”

Fern is shown driving a classic automobile and returning to her family’s vacation spot in the first episode, which airs tonight.

“My greatest recollections are of swimming with my uncle in Looe,” she said.

Fern fell in love with Cornwall in the south of the county, specifically Looe, and viewers may well do the same.

Fern goes on a speedboat trip, meets a geologist on the Lizard Peninsula, and learns about the multiple Cornish rebellions against English control, all while taking viewers along for the ride.

Fern leaves no stone untouched, from the copper mines to the moors, to help viewers fall in love with Cornwall like she did in the 1950s.

She even rides a horse across Bodmin Moor to learn why so many literary greats have been inspired by Cornwall, and how their visions have helped to make the remote peninsula county famous around the world.

“The horseback riding was amazing fun, but there was less riding and more plodding!” she observed of the experience.

“In the 1980s, a friend and I would go up to the moor riding stables and do all the amazing riding there was,” she continued.

“Even going to the bar where we would hook the horses up like cowboys and go in for a pint and a sausage,” she said, in true British holiday style.

Fern is creating new memories while watching television. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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