Fern Britton has landed a Channel 5 series about the Cornish shore, which she describes as “a one-of-a-kind place.”


Fern Britton has landed a Channel 5 series about the Cornish shore, which she describes as “a one-of-a-kind place.”

FERN BRITTON has been cast in a new series about the Cornish county and its shoreline.

The host of Channel 5’s My Cornwall with Fern Britton will go on a Cornish adventure. The two-part series will explain the history, folklore, myths, and stories that shape today’s ‘Kernow.’ The 63-year-old enjoys sharing images of her beautiful surroundings with her social media followers, and she’s now taking it a step further.

Fern has spent her entire life in Cornwall, from childhood vacations to working and residing there.

It’s now up to her to discover more about the county that has piqued her interest.

She’ll go beyond Cornwall’s bucket-and-spade beaches to discover a place with its own language, heritage, and customs, based on old myths and tales as well as a substantial industrial past.

Fern Britton also hosts Twofour’s Watercolor Challenge, which will premiere on Channel 5 soon.

“Cornwall is a wonderfully unique place and such a beautiful part of the UK,” said Channel 5 Commissioning Editor Daniel Pearl.

“This series will explore the country’s incredibly rich history, culture, and heritage.”

Fern routinely uses Twitter to post beautiful photos of the beach scenery taken in and around her Cornish home.

She shared a video of waves smashing against the beach’s edge with the phrase “nerve soother” and a football emoji before of a recent Euro 2020 England match.

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Fern’s fans appear to appreciate seeing her out and about in the countryside. “Oh how I miss those beaches, nice to see them thankyou Fern changed my day,” one responded. “Need this, thanks Fern,” wrote another.

“How nice does that appear to be…. Ms Britton, you’re very lucky to live in Cornwall,” a third person said. (sic)

“I miss the West Country so much,” one wrote, while another exclaimed, “Aahh, the wonderful Cornish Symphony.”

“Oooh, Fern, that was great! Do you have a spare room? Someone else joked, “I finish work in two weeks for the summer.”

It comes after the 63-year-old revealed her hardships following her divorce from her estranged spouse Phil Vickery, 60, with whom she had been married for 20 years.

She revealed in an interview that she’s had a “difficult two or three years” as a result of various sad family events.

However, as she acknowledged her friends and herself, the author insisted that “there is life after death.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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