Fears of a Winds of Winter delay: George RR Martin’s HBO agreement leaves fans “hopeless.”


Fears of a Winds of Winter delay: George RR Martin’s HBO agreement leaves fans “hopeless.”

After negotiating a new deal with HBO, WINDS OF WINTER author George RR Martin has scared readers of his Game of Thrones novels. In February, he sent an update on the book’s progress to his fans.

George RR Martin has been keeping his fans updated on the progress of The Winds of Winter, the next book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. In his most recent post on his Not A Blog website, the author stated that he “hoped” to publish a lot more pages in 2021.

Martin has inked a new deal with HBO for the future of their TV universe, which began with Game of Thrones, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which may have dashed those dreams.

The contract is for “five years” and is worth “mid-eight figures,” according to the publication.

“If you still have any hope that The Winds of Winter will be done any time soon, guess again,” the Playlist added.

Many of Martin’s fans agree with this sentiment, as evidenced by recent comments on the ASOIAF Reddit.

“Well, I think Winds is F****D!!,” one enraged fan remarked. “He’ll never finish the books,” another concurred.

“Man, I can’t wait for Winds of Never to come out…” muttered a third.

“Yeah, this feels like the final nail in the coffin,” said another somberly. At this point, it’s evident he’s saying f**k it.”

“At this point, I’ve given up hope of ever getting the books; now all I can hope for is that these new series are good,” one hopeful admirer wrote. That’s preferable to nothing.”

According to Martin’s blog, progress on The Winds of Winter has accelerated significantly in the last year.

“I have continued to work on THE WINDS OF WINTER,” the 72-year-old told his readers in November of 2020. Sorry, I’m still not finished, but I’m getting there.

“It’s a colossal tome. I make an effort not to think about it too much. I work on a chapter, a page, a sentence, and a word at a time. It’s the only option. I also rewrite from time to time.

“Back in June and July, I was on a roll. Since then, progress has continued, but at a slower pace… In early August, I took a gut punch that knocked me down for a while, and another, for different reasons.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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