FBG Duck’s ‘killers’ have been apprehended, and Chicago suspects have been charged, as the star’s mother rejoices that ‘they got them motherf**kers.’


FIVE people have been charged in the death of rapper FBG Duck as his mom celebrates saying “they got them motherf**kers.”

The artist was gunned down and killed at the age of 26 during a drive-by shooting in Chicago in August 2020.

One year on, his mother has announced that “the feds just called me and told me” that five people are allegedly in custody following the artist’s death.

“They killed my motherf**king son,” she said in an strongly-worded video. “I’m gonna be the first to tell you, they got them motherf**kers. They killed my son.”

Later that day, five men were charged with the killing of FBG Duck.

Chicago residents Charles Liggins, 30, Kenneth Roberson, 28, Tacarlos Offerd 30, Christopher Thomas, 22, and Marcus Smart, 22, were indicted with charges of federal firearm violations and assaults, murder, and racketeering.

Liggins, Offerd, Thomas, and Smart were arrested Wednesday morning, while Roberson is currently in the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections.

Last year, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the rising hip-hop artist died after he was shot in broad daylight while standing outside of a store in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood.

Law enforcement confirmed to The Sun that three individuals were hit while shopping at 4.30pm after two vehicles pulled up with armed gunmen, one being FBG Duck.

Authorities added that four people got out of the cars and opened fire – hitting three others.

FBG Duck – whose birth name is Carlton D. Weekly – was pronounced dead after being taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for multiple gunshot wounds to the torso.

Shocking video circulated online that allegedly showed FBG Duck on the ground moments after he was shot.

In the heartbreaking video, a man in a blue tracksuit – believed to be FBG – is seen struggling face down on the pavement.

A woman stood near him as she screamed on the phone, seemingly trying to get help.

In a graphic separate clip taken by a passerby on a bike, the same man is seen lying in a pool of blood on the ground.

The hard-to-watch footage shows the man presumed to be FBG Duck moving around slowly as cops wait for medical help to arrive.

Some of the officers present on the scene attended to the wounded individuals in the clips but many social media users have criticized police for not doing enough to help.

An eye-witness who took the video claimed the person on the ground was the rapper.

“I’m just riding my bike. F**k man. They shot FBG Duck man. I don’t know who shot him I just f***king ran into this,” the passerby frantically said.

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