‘Fat and nasty,’ says the narrator. Kerry Katona says she despises her post-weight-gain ‘plus-size’ 12-14 shape.


‘Fat and nasty,’ says the narrator. Kerry Katona says she despises her post-weight-gain ‘plus-size’ 12-14 shape.

KERRY KATONA has expressed her dissatisfaction with her “plus-size” physique after gaining weight to become the “largest she’s ever been.”

Kerry Katona has admitted that she despises her “plus-size” 12 to 14 figure and claims that she has become “so fat, unattractive, and sad” as a result of her weight gain. In a personal Instagram Story, the 41-year-old talked about how she’s dealing with her body image issues.

Kerry claimed that she is the “largest” she has ever been and that she intends to take action.

“I am at my heaviest weight at the moment,” the mother-of-five said on Instagram Live to her 775,000 followers. I’m in such a bad mood since I’m so huge.

“It’s the biggest I’ve ever been, and I’m on the verge of crying.” This weight decrease will be documented. At the moment, I’m feeling particularly chubby and unattractive.

“It’s depressing me to no end, and none of my clothing fit.”

She continued by saying that she supports women of all shapes and sizes, but that her recent weight gain has gotten to her.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with being a size 12 to 14, but I’m terrible with mine,” Kerry continued.

“I’m all for empowering women and encouraging them to embrace their bodies, but I’ve had issues, and I’ve got pretty serious issues.” “I’m in such a bad mood right now; nothing fits me.” The actress has an occasion to attend and is concerned that she will not be comfortable in anything she wears.

“We have this nightclub launch, and I don’t want to go since nothing fits me,” Kerry continued. I’m pretty upset right now, and it’s affecting me.

“I’m happy, but not with myself because I haven’t gotten myself back on track, and I’m quite open and honest about it.”

“I believe that individuals on Instagram are just faking it.” I’m about to cry. It’s a mindset, and right now my mindset is all over the place… I’m currently in the plus-size category.” It comes after the actress flaunted her amazing two-stone weight loss in February of last year.

She flaunted her ripped six-pack, which she achieved through Skinny Jab treatments, workouts, and yoga, in a series of hot photos.

The reality star claimed earlier this week that she hasn’t cooked for her children in six months and has been surviving on takeaways.

Kerry will make an appearance. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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