‘Fast and Furious’ divorces Star Tyrese; what he wants to lose


Tyrese could be a single man soon.

Recently, the Fast and Furious star revealed that after almost four years of marriage, he and his wife are divorcing.

With Tyrese hitting back at his estranged wife’s appeal for child support, the split is still semi-controversial. If the couple has a prenup or not will decide what the singer and actor in the divorce will lose.

Tyrese declares nearly four-year divorce from wife

Tyrese has announced that he and his nearly four-year-old wife, Samantha Gibson, are going to end their marriage.

The pair married on Valentine’s Day 2017 during a secret ceremony and have a two-year-old daughter together. Tyrese claims in a long Instagram post that there is a “assault on black families” and that his marriage has not lasted.

Samantha filed divorce papers three months earlier, according to TMZ, well before Tyrese declared their split.

But this did not stop the estranged wife from recently wishing him a happy birthday.

The split resulted from a verbal dispute that ended with Samantha threatening to call the police, Tyrese says. He says that he flew home from a film set in August, was questioned by his wife for reasons currently unexplained, and started a tense, three-hour talk.

The star of Baby Boy says he left home in an Uber because he feared contact with the police because of “multiple public incidents involving police brutality and racially motivated killings of unarmed African-American people.”

Reportedly, Samantha Gibson is calling for $20,000 a month in child care.

While on social media, the two have portrayed a united front, the separation does not appear to be amicable.

TMZ claims that Samantha is alleging that Tyrese had changed her house’s locks, which he denies.

She is even asking her daughter for $20,000 a month in child care.

Tyrese believes that the requested amount of child support is “unreasonably high.”

Whether Samantha is also seeking Tyrese’s spousal support is uncertain.

Samantha reportedly has her own career despite having a famous husband. She received her psychology bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia in 2012, graduating cum laude.

In 2015, she also received a master’s degree in social work and a UGA marriage and family therapy certification. Passing the statewide Georgia test allowed her to start her career as a licensed clinical social worker.

In his divorce, what will Tyrese lose?

It’s uncertain if Tyrese and Samantha have a prenuptial agreement, but Tyrese could lose millions if they don’t. He has an approximate net worth of $10 million, but reported in a custody dispute with his ex-wife and mother of his first daughter, Norma Gibson, as recently as 2018, he was broken.

In an emotional Instagram video at the time, he said that he was paying out $13,000 a month to Norma for child care. He believed that legal costs would rob him of his fortune in the pending court case.

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Still, from music and his acting roles, he continues to make cash.

Tyrese has also appeared in Four Brothers, Death Race and Transformers, in addition to Fast & Furious.

He released seven full-length studio albums and also toured as the R&B trio TGT with fellow singers Tank and Ginuwine. In 2015, his most recent album was released. Tyrese claims he still has a real estate fortune, in addition to music and movies.


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