Farrah Abraham and Cheyenne Floyd are said to have had a falling out while filming the ‘Teen Mom’ spinoff.


What happens when two Teen Mom queen bees get together? Nothing except drama, of course. There are reports that during the filming of the latest spinoff (featuring some of the moms gathering at one resort), Cheyenne Floyd and Farrah Abraham got into a verbal altercation.

The details of the fight aren’t super clear, but both women are strong personalities, and some of the franchise’s moms have had long-standing problems with Farrah as it is.

The Teen Mom spinoff — which has no official title as of yet — follows a handful of the moms across the franchise as they stay at a resort together for an unspecified amount of time. Think Teen Mom meets Bad Girls Club. But maybe not as trashy as the latter.

Apparently, Farrah is a surprise part of the cast and not everyone is happy to see her when she makes her very Farrah-like grand entrance.

According to the Instagram account Formation Productions, which often shares videos and rumors about other Teen Mom shows, a fight broke out between Cheyenne and Farrah during the filming of the new retreat series. Although the account describes it as a “verbal altercation,” there’s a chance that it turned into something more.

In September 2021, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported a rumor about Farrah actually getting into a physical fight with more than one fellow Teen Mom star on the set of the spinoff. According to the outlet, a source close to the show revealed that upon Farrah’s surprise arrival on-set, some of the other moms were unhappy.

This allegedly resulted in a physical altercation between Farrah and several of the other moms.

Cheyenne is the new Farrah and I ain’t liking it. Can’t blame hormones. Disrespectful af! #TeenMomOG

Right now, these are rumors which haven’t been confirmed by production or by the show’s stars. However, fans are definitely talking and they’re here for this potential drama. The Teen Mom retreat show sounds like the breath of fresh air the franchise needed after multiple spinoffs that follow the same format as Teen Mom OG.

Farrah was part of the original Teen Mom cast years before the title was officially changed to Teen Mom OG. However, after the first part of Season 7 of Teen Mom OG, Farrah left the show for good. And when Season 7b premiered, Cheyenne was one of the moms tapped to essentially replace… Brinkwire short summary.


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