Farage is enraged by Harry’s “this is a system we must break” remark, telling him to “stay mute.”


Farage is enraged by Harry’s “this is a system we must break” remark, telling him to “stay mute.”

On his GB News broadcast on Thursday evening, NIGEL FARAGE made no holds barred in his criticism of Prince Harry for his recent attendance at this year’s GQ Awards.

On Thursday evening, Nigel Farage returned to host his primetime show on GB News, and he had a variety of topics to tackle. The recent address Prince Harry gave after attending yesterday night’s GQ Awards in London via video link from his home in California was high on the agenda. On the big screen, Harry slammed vaccination reluctance and a so-called “disparity” in the developing world, claiming that the news and social media had “misinformed” people about the Covid vaccine. Farage, on the other hand, was quick to criticize the prince for blaming the media for the aforementioned reticence, and he didn’t hold back when mocking the idea of “managing” what the media writes.

“Harry and Meghan indicated after recent events that they were struck speechless, and I did express on this show the hope that they genuinely meant it,” Farage added to begin his outburst.

“Unfortunately, that was not the case, and Prince Harry was live, broadcast in from the west coast to a GQ Awards celebration in London last night, (where) the Oxford AstraZeneca team was given an award.

“I also wonder whether Prince Harry is attempting to become Professor Harry, as he appears to be a world-leading authority on vaccines, not just in terms of how the media should be managed or what we should all think.”

The GB News anchor then cut to the Duke of Sussex’s remarks, in which he took aim at the media.

“Until every community can obtain the vaccination and until every community is connected to trustworthy information about the vaccine, we are all at risk,” Harry stated at the awards ceremony.

“There is a significant gap between who can get the vaccine and who can’t.

“At this time, less than 2% of people in the developing world have got a single dosage of the vaccine, and many healthcare staff are still unvaccinated.

“If we don’t confront this imbalance as a group, we won’t be able to go forward together.”

“At the.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Harry continued, referring to the media’s alleged participation in vaccination apprehension.


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