Fantastic Beasts 3: ‘Copying brilliant Johnny Depp is creative death,’ says Mads Mikkelsen.


Fantastic Beasts 3: ‘Copying brilliant Johnny Depp is creative death,’ says Mads Mikkelsen.

The new Grindelwald from FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 Mads Mikkelsen has stated that attempting to imitate “masterful actor” Johnny Depp would be “creative suicide,” and that he wishes he could have discussed the part with the Pirates star.

Last year, Johnny Depp lost his libel action against The Sun newspaper, which accused him of being a “wife abuser,” something he fiercely denies. Following the UK High Court’s decision, Warner Bros. requested the 58-year-old to leave Fantastic Beasts 3 after just shooting one scene. The Grindelwald star agreed, and Mads Mikkelsen has now taken over as the villain in the Harry Potter prequels.

In a new interview with The Sunday Times, Mads admits that he wishes he could have talked to Johnny Depp about the part of Grindelwald.

“I mean, obviously, they were going to do the picture, and obviously, he wasn’t engaged anymore,” the Danish actor stated.

“However, in that fight, I didn’t have a dog. And I have no idea what happened [in his personal life], and I’m not sure if his job loss was fair.

“But I simply knew the program was on, and I would have loved to have talked to him about it if I had the opportunity, but I just don’t know him in that way.”

“But they phoned me and they were obviously in a rush, and I loved the story and so said yes,” Mads, who was promoting his new film Another Round, continued.

“And I know that was divisive for a lot of people, but that’s how it goes every now and then.

“I didn’t want to do exactly what Johnny did. I believe he is a superb actor, therefore attempting to imitate him would have been creative suicide.”

The 55-year-old said how he had to come up with something that was both unique and connected to Depp’s work in the first two Fantastic Beasts films.

“My take is different, and the look is a little different, but we’ll have to wait till the film comes out [next year]to find out,” Mads continued.

From Harry Potter to the Star Wars spin-off Rogue One, the Danish actor has been in a number of Hollywood blockbusters.

He was a Marvel baddie opposite Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange and played the James Bond villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale.

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