Fans of Vigil are outraged as the main character is murdered off in a matter of minutes, saying, “You’ve got to be kidding.”


Fans of Vigil are outraged as the main character is murdered off in a matter of minutes, saying, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

When viewers turned in to watch the first episode of the BBC programme VIGIL on Sunday night, they were left angry. However, just minutes into the show, one of the key characters was killed off by the show’s producers.

On Sunday night, viewers tuned in to see the first episode of the BBC drama, and they were immediately glued to their seats. Suranne Jones plays Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva, who is investigating a suspected death on board a nuclear submarine. Fans, on the other hand, were underwhelmed when they learned that the death Amy was investigating was that of Craig Burke, played by Martin Compston of Line of Duty.

The show had viewers enthralled from the start as they witnessed a trawler boat sink and be dragged into the water by unseen forces.

Martin’s persona Craig, who had watched the mysterious incident from the submarine, informed his superior about it.

However, he was taken to his bunker after a disagreement with the captain, Newsome (Paterson Joseph).

After pleading with Newsome to try to save the people on the boat, Craig was replaced by another engineer.

Craig was discovered dead in his bunk by one of his buddies shortly after the argument.

“Christ, what happened?” Prentice (Adam James) inquired as they gave CPR.

They realized it was too late when the doctor struggled to save him.

Craig died of a suspected overdose, it was later revealed.

Despite the dramatic start, many viewers were disappointed when the Line of Duty star’s character was murdered off within minutes.

Some admirers even called Martin by the name of his Line of Duty character, Steve Arnott.

“There must be flashbacks, you can’t kill Scottish Steve Arnott in the first ten minutes,” one raged.

There should be flashbacks!”

“Killed off in under 10 minutes, you have to be kidding me,” wrote another.

“What happened to @martin compston?” inquired a third.

That was not what I was anticipating.

#Vigil” (sic)

Another disgruntled viewer expressed his displeasure by saying, “Can’t believe they killed Steve off in the first five minutes.”

“I am watching #Vigil primarily for Martin Compston and he dies inside the first eight minutes, I haven’t been this devastated since the Line of Duty finale,” a fifth said on Twitter. (sic)

Brinkwire Summary News: “If @martin compston is just in this #vigil for five minutes.”


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