Fans of the Squid Game have discovered a big ‘plot hole’ in the Front Man’s and Jun-backstories. Ho’s


SQUID GAME has taken the world by storm since it first premiered on Netflix, however, some observant fans have spotted a major plot hole.

Netflix streamers were swept by Squid Game after the Korean survival show began airing on Netflix earlier this month. In all the chaos, shock and drama a fan noticed a huge plot hole with two major characters Front Man (played by Lee Byung-hun) and Jun-Ho (Wi Ha-joon).


After watching the series, a viewer took to Reddit to expose the blunder which led to their confusion.

The user lemonworld wrote: “Jun-ho (the detective) is tipped off that his brother is missing and that he just recently didn’t pay rent.

“This implies that he’s playing in this current game, and was perhaps one of the people killed in red light green light,” they explained.

The fan added: “But since we know the brother is a former player and the Front Man, wouldn’t he have gone missing about a week ago?”

The user then went on to add details from the show, which seem to confirm the blunder: “He also seems to be Korea’s #2 most important member of the game staff, second only to Mr. 001 himself.

“If this isn’t his first game as the Front Man, going missing for weeks at a time should be at least an annual occurrence,” the fan suggested.

Lemonworld explained: “Shouldn’t he already be prepared to “disappear” for a while when the games start, like paying rent in advance at the very least, or coming up with a good excuse so that his police officer brother doesn’t go looking for him?”

This plot hole was valid as it also stirred confusion for other viewers, as they took to the comments to respond.

Squid Game is an intense series which sees people agree to become contestants in a bid to win a lump sum of money by playing children’s games.

However, as simple as it sounds things take a turn for the worse when they realise each game comes with a risk of being killed off.

Coming from all walks of life, each of the 456 participants go ahead with the challenge as they were all living with crippling debt.

Throughout the series, there are a total of six games the contestants will play, many of which fans recognised from their own childhoods.

The deadly games included. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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