Fans of The Chase are astounded by a participant who guesses her way to the final.


Serena from London shocked viewers of ITV’s The Chase as she made it through to the final round despite guessing the answer to every question and only getting £2K in first round

A contestant on The Chase shocked fans, Bradley Walsh and Chaser Mark Labbett despite almost being caught on five questions in a row – after guessing the answer to all of them.

Serena, a publisher from London, found herself in the tricky position of being just one spot in front of Mark Labbett after just two questions.

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to share their thoughts on Serena’s initial poor performance and their lack of confidence in her making it through the round.

One tweeted: “She’s had a mare,” whilst another fan chimed in saying: “See you later girl.”

Whilst another added: “Serena ain’t getting back.”

Although Serena received a lot of online support for her ‘beautiful’ looks and her incredible hair.

After earning a measly £2K in the first quick fire round of questions to take to the table, Serena’s chances of getting enough questions right to beat the chaser seemed low.

Though she was pleased with her early winnings, she said: “I’m happy with that. £2K is better than nothing.”

Choosing to stick with her £2K which, if she was to win in the final – along with the bank of £20k the four contestants were able to amass – she would spend on a trip down the West coast of America, it seemed unlikely she would make it back to her seat.

One harsh viewer of the show commented: “I bet Ben is wishing Serena would have applied for Tipping Point.”

Guessing the answers to questions ranging from the 19th Century German invasions to which character is “defenstrated” in Game of Thrones – meaning to be thrown out of a window – Serena appeared to have luck on her side.

One viewer tweeted: “She has guessed her way down the table.” whilst another added: “That is unbelievable. Must have been born lucky.”

Some fans were also quick to take back their earlier judgements of Serena, one said: “She’s only gone and done it! I take it back!”

Luck definitely seemed to be on Serena’s side though as she guessed a Chemistry question before admitting she has a degree in the subject!

Bradley sent her back to her seat and said: “you’ve been a bit jammy but you’ve played well.”

‘Jammy’ is definitely the word to. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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