Fans of The Apprentice were outraged at the premiere because of the divisive first firing, ‘He’s a scapegoat.’


Fans of The Apprentice were outraged at the premiere for the divisive first firing, which was dubbed ‘He’s a scapegoat.’

THE APPRENTICE has returned to screens after a long hiatus, and fans have reacted to the highly publicized first firing of the year 2022.

16 ambitious business leaders are set some difficult challenges in the brand new series of the BBC game show to try and impress Lord Alan Sugar.

The Apprentice is back after a long hiatus, but viewers on Twitter were split on the outcome of the first episode of the new year.

In the season of The Apprentice 2022, Regional Operations Manager Harry Mahmood was the first to be fired.

The candidates boarded The Scarlet Lady in the first episode to pitch their own luxury cruise packages.

The Boys’ Team, on the other hand, quickly ran into problems when it came to designing their logo.

Following the rejection of Harry’s ideas, Project Manager Akshay Thakrar and Akeem Bundu-Kamara created their own, rather obnoxious logo.

They eventually settled on a green and brown yoga pose transitioning into a wave, which oddly enough didn’t include their company’s name.

The boys also failed to impress with their social media promotion and advertisement during the presentation stage.

PM Akshay and his team were escorted to the losers’ café, while their opponents were treated to champagne, swimming, and home cinema entertainment in a palatial mansion.

When Harry, Akshay, and Akeem were summoned to the boardroom for a debriefing, Harry was the one who received Lord Sugar’s famous point, followed by the words, “You’re fired.”

However, by the end of the first episode of The Apprentice’s brand new series, viewers had begun to doubt Lord Sugar’s decision to fire Harry.

Mrlaw, a Twitter user, insisted: “Harry leaving was, in my opinion, the wrong decision.”

“How did Harry just get fired?! Hakeem was in charge of the logo and completely messed it up,” Haseem raged.

Others agreed that Akeem and Akshay should have taken more responsibility for the task’s failure this week.


“I agree with Harry: He was only brought back to the boardroom as a scapegoat to hide what the others have failed on,” Thomas Shneider wrote in an email.

“Poor Harry got made a scapegoat for the lads’ overall poor performance,” Dee says.

However, Harry was clearly eager to have the final say, with some viewers speculating that he may have talked himself into it.

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