Fans of Roy “Chubby” Brown attack the “woke” decision to stop the show, saying, “Snowflakes everywhere!”


Fans of Roy “Chubby” Brown attack the “woke” decision to stop the show, saying, “Snowflakes everywhere!”

ROY ‘Chubby’ Brown fans have decried the cancellation of the comedian’s show in Sheffield, and many have signed a petition to have the ban overturned.

The 76-year-old comic’s real name is Royston Vasey, and he was supposed to play at Sheffield City Hall in January 2022. Due to the contentious nature of his comedy, councillors decided to cancel the concert after receiving numerous objections from people.

Brown, who has been a stand-up comedian since the 1960s, has since written a lengthy Facebook post about the cancellation. “At first, I felt rage and amazement, but after further thinking, I now feel just dissatisfaction and grief with the choice and the way things are going in general,” he wrote.

“I’ve been performing at Sheffield City Hall for more than three decades…

It has been decided that I am no longer welcome in these odd times of snowflakes and political correctness.”

More than 4,000 people have now come out in support of the comedian. “Snowflakes dropping everywhere,” one enraged user exclaimed. People who have heard his jokes and appreciate him will, of course, book tickets to see him; those who don’t will be able to avoid him.”

“Woke Council at work,” said another. When pundits make an appointment with him, they know what to anticipate. The general public does not want to be treated as if they are idiots or children when it comes to being told what they can and cannot do.

“Absolutely ridiculous,” said a third enraged woman. You’ve gone visiting Sheffield for years, entertaining tens of thousands of fans. Why would they do this now, anyway? Sheffield, you are a disgrace.”

A petition seeking for Chubby’s Sheffield ban to be revoked has garnered over 15,000 signatures.

“As our entertainment venues reopen following lockdown restrictions, we have been assessing our programme of events,” Andrew Snelling, chief executive of Sheffield City Trust, previously justified the decision to cancel the show.

“We have decided to cancel comedian Roy Chubby Brown’s rescheduled appearance at Sheffield City Hall.

“We do not believe this event matches Sheffield City Trust principles, notably our goal of making our leisure, culture, and entertainment venues accessible to all Sheffield residents.”


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