Fans of Robin Williams can’t believe how accurate actor Jamie Costa’s impersonation is.


Actor Jamie Costa has gone viral this week for taking his uncanny impression of Robin Williams to new heights. Costa posted a video called “ROBIN Test Footage Scene,” highlighting how his impression could be employed in a biopic of Williams. Fans are dying to see the project get made for real.

Costa’s video portrays Williams in his Mork & Mindy era, with actress Sarah Murphree playing Pam Dawber. It’s a depiction of Dawber informing Williams about John Belushi’s death, with heavy implications about Williams’ own drug use. It shows a wide range of emotional beats, in addition to the vocal inflections and physical mannerisms that Costa has already shown a mastery of. Commenters were in awe, saying that the scene could have come right out of a Hollywood biopic of Williams.

Costa is a 31-year-old writer, producer, voice actor and comedian, best known for his impressions, many of which have gone viral online. Costa has distanced himself from direct interactions on social media in the last year, but he still posts YouTube videos like this one from time to time. However, his “test footage scene” may have made the biggest impression yet, as many fans want to see more.

If there are any plans to extend Costa’s clip into a full-blown biopic for Williams, they have not been made public yet. For now, here’s a look at the intense fan reaction to the video online.

This was astonishingly good. In a scant few minutes, it expresses Robin Williams, his highs and lows, as well as the times we all lived in back then. I worked at Rolling Stone when the news of Belushi’s death hit. I remember it perfectly, the moment, where I was, the feelings.

Costa’s video had some fans in fresh mourning not only for Williams, but for Belushi as well. It took them straight back to the times when they found out these two iconic performers had passed away, and they needed some time to process the losses all over again.

Jamie Costa has been 🔥 for years. He should have been cast as lead in Solo:

Jamie has also produced and starred in some high quality Star Wars fan films.

Fans remarked on other roles they thought Costa would be perfect for, or roles they wished he had gotten in recent years. Many thought he would have been the perfect lead in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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