Fans of Mrs. Hinch share brilliant cleaning methods for removing stubborn ink stains: ‘Works every time!’ ’.


Fans of Mrs. Hinch share brilliant cleaning methods for removing stubborn ink stains: ‘Works every time!’ ’.

Once pesky pen ink has stained furniture, a carpet, or a clothing, it may appear impossible to erase, but a group of savvy cleaning enthusiasts has provided some helpful advice.

Mrs Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, is a cleaning celebrity with a large social media following. After sharing brilliant cleaning tricks on her Instagram feed, the cleaning sensation grew to stardom, assisting thousands of others.

Her 4.1 million Instagram followers have already started their own social media groups to provide daily cleaning tips.

One social media user from a community with over 600,000 members inquired about how to remove an ink stain.

More than a hundred people have responded with valuable advise.

“Soak in milk, then wash as usual!” one online user suggested. “Get the bulk of it off with hairspray, then finish off with hand sanitizer – it happened to me and I got every last bit of it out.” Another user, who agreed that the hair product was successful, added: “Hairspray, plenty of it, and blot with kitchen roll.” A third said, “Nightmare! It draws the oils out of the ink.” My tunics are white with burgundy piping. Vanish spot on stain remover is what I usually use.

Vanish spot on stain remover is available on Amazon.

“A soak and a hot wash with a color catcher sheet, then cross your fingers!” “Rub washing up liquid in it, then wash as normal,” one online user suggested. “This happened to me with my white student nurse tunic and a pale blue tunic – I had toe nail varnish remover worked for me.” Another suggested leaving the garment in the sun to help fade the ink stain.

“Stain devils for ink worked incredibly nicely for me,” the user remarked, while another advised using a cleaning solution.

“My daughter did this on her midwifery tunic,” claimed another user, who had a similar experience. “I used hand sanitizer, I had to do it a few times but it got out,” said one internet user, who also suggested using a powerful cleaning solution to remove the nagging stain.


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