Fans of Mrs Hinch share a’really simple’ way to clean Venetian blinds for just £1.


Fans of Mrs Hinch share a’really easy’ way to clean Venetian blinds for only £1.

CLEANING aficionados have taken to social media to share their best blind cleaning advice.

If you don’t clean your window blinds on a regular basis, they can collect a lot of dust, especially metal ones.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, has become a social media sensation in recent years after sharing her cleaning and organization tips on social media.

More than four million people follow the guru on social media and frequently share their own hacks.

To help prevent dust buildup, they should be cleaned on a regular basis.

Dust buildup can aggravate allergies while also making the rest of the house dirty.

Alvin Paris inquired about blind cleaning on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page.

“Any ideas on how to clean my blinds faster? I can’t take them off the window to clean them,” the cleaning fan wrote.

Blinds can become extremely dusty as a result of dust and pet hair floating in the air.

This is especially true in kitchens and for those who have horizontal slatted blinds.

Cleaning them takes time, but Mrs Hinch fans took to the comments section to share their own cleaning techniques.

“Use an inside out sock on your hand and then use a tumble dryer sheet to stop dust from sticking,” Suzanne Nangle suggested.

Tumble dryer sheets reduce static, allowing dust to stick to them more easily.

For as little as £1, you can get a variety of different brands at the supermarket.

Mrs Hinch even suggests wiping them down with Zoflora to disinfect them while also leaving a lovely scent behind.

“A tumble dryer sheet will attract dust,” Frances Brooks said.

“Tumble dryer sheets, a game changer,” Justine Rowe added.

Tumble dryer sheets will not harm window blinds, but they should only be used on aluminum Venetian blinds or wood blinds.

“I wrap wipes around my fingers, spray with cleaner, and wipe…really simple,” Michelle Cairns explained.

Others suggested dusting with a damp microfibre cloth.

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“I leave mine ringing as usual,” Lucy Matcham wrote.

Close them completely, then run a hot soapy microfibre cloth over the blind side-to-side before turning it the other way and repeating.”

Others advised attempting to dismantle and reassemble them.

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