Fans of Mrs. Hinch share a lemon hack for descaling kettles that is “perfect every time!”


Fans of Mrs. Hinch share a lemon hack for descaling kettles that is “perfect every time!”

On social media, cleaning enthusiasts have shared a 14p hack for descaling kettles. The hack, according to Mrs Hinch fans, makes your kettle look “perfect every time” and “like new.”

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame as a cleaning expert after sharing her cleaning tips and recommendations on social media and television. On Instagram, the cleaning aficionado now has more than 4.1 million followers. Her devotees have already formed their own social media groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice.

A woman asked how she can successfully descale her kettle on one of the groups, which has over 709,000 members.

“Please help, I need a natural descaler for my kettle; we live in a hard water location, and I’m tired of all the scale and having to buy a new kettle every six months,” she said.

The most popular recommendation was to use “lemon juice” or a lemon.

ASDA sells a four-pack of lemons for 54p, which works out to slightly under 14p a lemon.

“Cut a lemon in half,” one user recommended.

“Place both halves in a pot of boiling water.

“Boil it with the lemon in it and let it overnight if possible.

“It’s always great when it’s empty in the morning!”

“Half a lemon and a few boils,” another individual concurred. Have used vinegar, then boil, worked also.”

Another said: “Lemons. Once I’ve used the juice I chuck the rest in the kettle, boil it a couple of times.

“Leave it over night. Make sure you don’t forget to rinse it out in the morning before making a cuppa!”

Another person suggested using lemon juice or vinegar.

“Lemon juice or vinegar overnight, then rinse, job done,” they said.

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Another cleaning fan said: “Get the concentrated lemon juice in a bottle and splash a good few table spoons into some water (about a mug full of water) and boil a couple of times – will be like a new kettle!”

One individual said: “Cut a lemon in half and drop it in, just leave it for about half an hour, do it once a week. I learned this when I bought a glass kettle.”

Another social media user suggested: “Lemon juice! I use it to the descale kettle.

“Just squeeze into the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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