Fans of Mrs. Hinch reveal the easiest way to defrost and clean your freezer.


Fans of Mrs. Hinch reveal the easiest way to defrost and clean your freezer.

The “quickest” approach to defrost your freezer has been discussed by cleaning lovers. The procedure “takes minutes,” according to other cleaning enthusiasts.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to prominence after sharing her housekeeping ideas on the internet and on television. She now has over 4.1 million Instagram followers and has written multiple books. Her fans have also created their own Facebook groups dedicated to housekeeping ideas and techniques.

A participant on one of the 600,000+ Facebook groups inquired how she could “quickly” thaw her freezer.

“What is the quickest way to defrost the freezer?” she inquired.

The post received a lot of feedback, but the most popular recommendation was to use a hair dryer.

“I use a hairdryer,” one user explained.

“Hair dryer…,” said someone else. It only takes a few minutes to change the game.”

“Hair dryer,” said another.

“Hairdryer,” said someone else.

“Use a hairdryer,” another cleaning fan said.

Other options included using a steamer and a bowl of hot water.

“Hot water in a bowl, stick in the freezer, close the door, wrap towels around the freezer,” one user suggested.

“I used my steamer the last time I did mine,” another person said.

“I turn mine off, throw towels on the floor, boil water in pots, and put them on the shelves,” said another.

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“Bowls of boiled hot water are faster than a hair dryer,” another person said.

“I use buckets of hot water, but I saw something on TV utilizing a steam cleaner,” another person offered.

“They claimed it took 15 minutes to defrost their freezer with it.

“Of course, it depends on how horrible it is,” says the narrator.

Meanwhile, after you’ve defrosted your freezer, another user offered a trick to try.

“Can’t give any other suggestions on defrosting, heat, or patience!” they added.

“However, once it’s all done and dried, I use glycerine to paint the interior walls, which makes it much easier to defrost the following time.

“I use a strong plastic spatula, and the ice breaks up into large chunks.”

Finally, the individual admitted to using a hair dryer.

“Took the most of the ice from outside, chipped it away, and will try a hairdryer, just turning it off, thank you,” she said.


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