Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer their favorite ways to clean hard floors.


Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer their favorite ways to clean hard floors.

Cleaning aficionados have created an internet debate about how to clean one’s floors. The majority of Mrs Hinch’s followers believe you should “sweep, vacuum, and mop” your floors, but what are your thoughts?

Mrs Hinchcliffe, whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe, is a cleaning expert who posts her advice on social media. She has over 4.1 million Instagram followers and has been known to appear on television to provide her advice. Her devotees have started their own Facebook groups to provide cleaning and organizing advice.

Thousands of people follow some of the groups, and hundreds of fresh posts are made every day.

On one of these groups, a woman inquired as to whether fellow cleaning enthusiasts should vacuum or mop first.

“Do you vacuum first, then sweep and mop, or do you sweep and mop first, then vacuum?” she inquired.

With nearly 350 comments, the subject generated a debate among cleaning fans.

“Sweep, vacuum, then mop,” was the most popular tip.

“I sweep, vacuum, mop, and then once the floor is dry, I vacuum or use a microfibre to pick up any left-over particles from the mop,” one user explained.

Another individual added, “Sweep, vacuum, mop.”

“It depends,” another person responded. If your mop sheds fibers, vacuum afterward.

“If there is a lot of pet hair or filth on the floor, such as mud, sweep it first.”

“I dust, vacuum, and mop,” remarked another.

“Sweep first, vacuum, and mop,” another individual offered.

“I sweep to get up the heavy debris that can obstruct the vacuum,” another user agreed. Then I vacuum and mop to remove the dirt and grime.”

“Sweep to gather up the larger particles, then vacuum for the finer particles, dust, and so you can get in all the little nooks and crannies, then mop to clean, disinfect, and shine,” another individual added.

“Sweep, hoover, mop,” urged another. Then hoover once more.”

Some cleaning enthusiasts, however, argue that if you have a vacuum, you don’t need to sweep.

One guy stated, “You don’t need to sweep if you vacuum first.”

“Just mop after vacuuming,” she continued.

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“Sorry to everyone, but why bother sweeping when you plan to vacuum afterwards?” said another.

“Vacuum cleaners make our life easier and prevent you from spreading dust! All you have to do is vacuum and mop!

“All you need is a good vacuum, and that’s all! “Brinkwire Summary News,” I’d forgotten.


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