Fans of Mrs Hinch offer a 79p ‘five-minute’ tip for cleaning limescale from taps.


Fans of Mrs Hinch offer a 79p ‘five-minute’ tip for cleaning limescale from taps.

Mrs Hinch fans share a 79p ‘five-minute’ technique for removing limescale from taps.

Cleaning aficionados have revealed a 79p tip for eliminating limescale and watermarks from taps. Mrs Hinch supporters believe that the product makes your faucets “shiny” and “beautiful.”

Mrs. Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became famous after posting cleaning and organizing tips on social media and on television. She now has over four million Instagram followers and is the author of several books. Her fans have already started their own Facebook groups to share cleaning and organizing tips.

Every day, Mrs Hinch’s fans submit a deluge of tips to one of the groups, which has over 742,000 members.

A cleaning enthusiast wondered, “What’s the best stuff for watermarks and limescale?”

“I’ve used Viakal a lot, but it always looks like this when it dries,” a cleaning enthusiast said, referring to a photo of her stainless steel taps, which were covered in white water stains and crusty limescale.

Over 200 comments flooded Mrs Hinch’s post, many of which advocated adopting a simple hack: white vinegar.

One person explained, “I reside in a hard water location.” I use distilled vinegar in my cooking. It stinks bad, but it looks amazing!

“However, we clean the taps every time we use the shower. My entire family is ready to go! Another user replied, “white vinegar.” Give yourself five minutes! Use a soft sponge to clean! On Amazon, you may buy white vinegar.

A third person suggested “white vinegar and bicarbonate soda,” while a fourth suggested “white vinegar and baking soda.”

A fifth said, “Limescale is alkaline, vinegar is acid, and vinegar dissolves limescale.” “Spray white vinegar over the faucets.” They are brought up in a shining state. That’s how we do it.” Are you looking for a new home to live or simply want to look around? Go to or enter your postcode below. Several additional people just added the phrase “white vinegar” to the page’s comments.

Another suggested, “Spray on white vinegar, leave for 30 minutes, then wipe off.” At B&M, you can get Stardrops White Vinegar Spray for 79p.

The chemical can also be used to remove stains from textiles, according to the maker.

Cif, Pink Stuff, Elbow Grease, and shaving foam were also recommended by Mrs Hinch’s fans.

One guy stated, “Shaving foam works well.” “The Pink Stuff the Paste one is the only one that shifted it for me,” said another Mrs Hinch fan. “Cif or Aldi’s power,” said a third user, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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