Fans of Married At First Sight Australia are shocked to learn that Sam prefers Alana to Coco because she has “larger boobs.”


MARRIED At First Sight Australia fans were stunned as Sam revealed he fancied co-star Alana more than wife Coco because of her “bigger boobs.”

An explosive episode of the E4 reality show saw the contestant – who previously revealed his attraction to women with a larger chest – make his blunt confession.

Alana, a teacher, was paired with Jason in the Married At First Sight Australia social experiment.

Meanwhile, former construction worker Sam married lively cop turned Pilates teacher Coco.

Within seconds of meeting his “outspoken and loud” wife, Sam had decided that she wasn’t for him and their vow ceremony couldn’t have been more awkward.

This was only emphasised by his most recent comment made at the first dinner party episode in a chat about the “best looking girl”, which left fans fuming.

In a chat with the lads, Sam appeared eager to answer the question as he said “I think it’s Alana,” before he added: “I think she is the sexiest.”

He continued: “She’s got great, a great set of …” before Jake interjected and said: “You can’t say that!”

The clothing brand owner added: “I don’t think there’s any harm in looking around.”

Coco’s Sam is repulsive!”

One took to Twitter to rage: “What a thing to say! Coco is too good for Sam!”

Another added: “It’s always the least attractive guy who initiates the ‘who’s the hottest wife’ conversation.”

A third, clearly disgusted, added: “Coco’s Sam is repulsive!!”

When previously grilled by show producers, Sam said: “I don’t want to be an a***hole but she’s not my type. Far from it.”

The couple’s wedding day didn’t get any easier, and not helped by Coco shouting out, “Get some pork on your fork!” during the wedding breakfast.

One viewer tweeted: “Only one word to describe this Coco/Sam wedding so far – uncomfortable.”

Another added: “Sam looks like he’s being held hostage and forced to say nice things when he says Coco was “easy to hang out with.”

A third wrote: “Get the impression Sam is not interested in Coco…”

Sam confessed his penchant for boobs during Married At First Sight Australia’s first episode in a speech which left fitness-fan Coco stunned.

Speaking about his ex, he said: “She was, although gorgeous, I like a girl who has a curvaceous body, like bum, boobs and she didn’t have that.

“It’s frustrating for me, because it’s like, I need a girl with boobs and it’s like, not everyone has big boobs… so it’s very frustrating.”

Clearly stunned, Coco responded: “Wow. Does the fact I’ve got a body like a hotdog matter?

“I’m quite straight up and down. I don’t have a fat a**.

“The junk in my trunk, it’s pretty… Brinkwire Brief News.


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