Fans of Grand Design’s ‘Monstrosity’ condemn the £2.5 million Hux Shard mansion for destroying the landscape.


Fans of Grand Design’s ‘Monstrosity’ condemn the £2.5 million Hux Shard mansion for destroying the landscape.

GRAND DESIGN viewers were dissatisfied on Wednesday night’s episode, when one owner was chastised for “ruining” the countryside by building a £2.5 million home.

Kevin McCloud, the host of Channel 4’s Grand Designs, returned on Wednesday with a new season of the show. The show followed the host as he assisted Joe Priday, a businessman and car lover, in building his dream family house in Devon. The one-of-a-kind design was 70 meters long and included more than 30 zinc shards. Joe and his wife Claire had planned to spend £835,000 on the Hux Shard mansion, but they swiftly went over budget and ended up spending £2.5 million. However, although some viewers praised the house’s stunning views, others were displeased, accusing Joe of “spoiling the countryside” with the residence.

Throughout the process, Joe encountered numerous issues, and Kevin even questioned what he was doing at one point.

The property was described as “ludicrous” by one of the lead builders who worked on its construction.

He went on to say that the harsh winter weather had also caused some significant delays in the project.

He began, “It’s a nightmare.” “We’ve received rain for the past two weeks due to the weather.

“60 to 70 mph winds,” he continued. The scaffolding’s shapes may be seen going in and out.

“That in and of itself is a logistical nightmare.”

Kevin also revealed that Joe was spending £20,000 each week on labor charges in order to complete the house as rapidly as feasible.

“To actually get to this stage, the intensity, and the logistics of it all is just a nightmare,” Phil added.

The builder said, “I wouldn’t want to live in a house like this; it’s crazy.”

The property, which Joe began construction on in 2017, was completed successfully and included five bedrooms, a gym, a cinema room, a study, a utility room, and an open plan kitchen.

Despite the fact that the businessman and his wife were overjoyed with their new family home, some viewers were not.

Many people expressed their opinions on the design on social media, with many criticizing the businessman for spoiling the countryside with his mansion.

“It will have the best views in the neighborhood as it will be the only spot you can’t see the monstrosity,” one viewer raged.

Another simply wrote, “Spoiling the countryside for that.”

“What a.Brinkwire Summary News,” said a third.


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