Fans of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ are being transported to Iron Lake, New York — but is it real?


Fans of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ are being transported to Iron Lake, New York, but is it real?

Many fans were disappointed when Dexter’s eighth season ended in 2013.

The show’s conclusion was somewhat disappointing.

It also left a lot of untied threads.

Dexter fans were given new hope when word of the show’s revival season, Dexter: New Blood, began to spread.

We’ve all been waiting for Dexter: New Blood to come out.

When compared to this show, crime dramas and mystery shows pale in comparison.

The show’s first eight seasons were mostly shot in Long Beach, California, giving it a Miami feel.

This is where Dexter: New Blood, the new limited series, is shot.

It’s been a long wait since 2013, but finally learning what’s next in Dexter’s life has been well worth it.

Because he follows an ethical code of action, Dexter has proven to be the one serial killer that viewers can actually root for.

He devotes his energy to killing terrifying criminals, sexual predators, and other serial killers who aren’t as ethical as him, rather than murdering innocent people at random whenever he feels the urge to kill.

He even attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to try to avoid the temptation to kill others, as his desire to kill is similar to a substance addiction.

Dexter’s decision to leave his son, Harrison, with his serial killer girlfriend Hannah to live out their lives safely in Argentina left many questions unanswered.

We also saw Deb’s (Dexter’s sister) untimely death.

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Dexter worked as a lumberjack in a snowy New York area in the final episode of Season 8.

It’ll be interesting to see where the scenes for Dexter: New Blood are actually shot, with his son supposedly in Argentina and Dexter supposedly in New York.

Multiple locations across Massachusetts were used as the setting for these brand-new episodes, according to Men’s Health.

The production team spent the majority of their time in central and western Massachusetts, with Shelburne Falls serving as one of the main locations.

If you want to go somewhere cold and snowy, this is the place to go.

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