Fans of Dexter are ‘in tears’ after a fan favorite is killed off in the reboot finale: ‘Why do this?’


Fans of Dexter are ‘in tears’ after a fan favorite is killed off in the reboot finale: ‘Why do this?’

DEXTER made an epic comeback in 2021 with its reboot season, New Blood, and fans were left distraught after the finale recently aired.

Thousands of viewers were moved to tears by the season finale of Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood, which saw the death of a fan favorite.

The finale left fans stunned, and they took to social media to express their feelings.

When the first season of Dexter ended in 2013, many viewers were disappointed by the abrupt conclusion.

After it was announced that the reboot Dexter: New Blood would be released in November, the discussion about the show’s finale came to a close.

The show followed Dexter Morgan (Michael C Hall), who had gone missing in Hurricane Laura but had instead faked his death and started a new life.

All of this came to a halt in the season finale, when Dexter was killed by his son, Harrison Morgan (Jack Alcott).

Harrison pulled out a gun and shot his father, blaming Dexter for the deaths of his mother Rita Morgan (Julie Benz) and aunt Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) in the emotional scene.

Dexter’s final words to his son, “You deserve better,” brought tears to the eyes of his fans.

A better quality of life.

Before reminding Harrison to remove the safety from the gun, he says, “A better father.”

Dexter was found dead on the ground, his blood seeping from his chest and covering the snow in the following scene.

Fans were outraged to see Dexter die in such a manner, and they expressed their feelings on social media.

“The ending to Dexter New Blood has me in TEARS He finally felt real love in the end,” Fragilespector tweeted.

“Seeing the Dexter finale has me in literal tears,” Bumblevee wrote.

It was heartbreaking to see it come to an end, but there was no other way for it to end.”

“I’m crying real tears right now, Fg Dexter,” Moonlitefire said.

“OK, crying over Dexter’s ending,” MadisonHooker agreed.

Why would they do this to us?!” I thought the last time was bad.

Dexter was reintroduced to fans in the new reboot as Jim Lindsay, a shopkeeper from Iron Lake, New York.

Which was a far cry from his previous position as a Forensic Blood Splatter Analyst.

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