Fans of ‘Chicago P.D.’ are fed up with the relationship drama.


Fans of ‘Chicago P.D.’ are fed up with the relationship drama.

Fans of the One Chicago franchise were likely to enjoy the tough procedural crime drama Chicago P.D.

Fans were not expecting the primetime drama to feature complex and intriguing interactions between the cast members.

Even though the show has the smallest cast of significant characters of any One Chicago series, there are a surprising number of romantic entanglements among the cast members.

This situation does not appear to be popular with some of the show’s viewers.

On Reddit, some ‘Chicago P.D.’ fans aren’t fond of the romances.

The professional romances in the program have divided fans on Reddit.

On the platform, some fans of the show believe that the addition of romance to the series is vital since it allows them to observe the cast members’ personal lives.

The rest of the fan base believes that the show needs less romance and a better professional and personal balance in the lives of the squad, particularly as season nine progresses.

An examination of a Reddit debate reveals that although some fans want the show to focus solely on the cast members chasing down the bad guys, others want to see more episodes of the cast members drinking and doing things unrelated to their jobs.

However, the continual workplace entanglements leave a sour taste in the mouths of certain members of the audience. It’s even gotten to the point where some viewers believe the program is starting to imitate Grey’s Anatomy’s notorious romance. According to some fans, the continuous entanglements are diluting the tale.

Relationships account for a large percentage of the drama.

On Chicago PD, relationships are at the heart of the tale.

From the first season to the most recent release, these appear to consume a substantial chunk of the drama. These relationships have been built in some cases throughout the course of each season, adding to the drama and making viewers’ tongues wag.

The key character, Hank Voight, is at the center of the story. Despite the fact that he has the fewest romantic interactions since his wife’s death, he still has some platonic and familial relationships on the show. The relationship between Halstead and Hailey has been a big focus, with the two becoming engaged early in season nine.

Then there’s Ruzek and Burgess, with their on-again, off-again relationship… News from Brinkwire Entertainment in a nutshell.


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