Fans of ‘Chicago Fire’ may remember Casey’s ex-foster child Louie from Season 10.


Fans of ‘Chicago Fire’ may remember Casey’s ex-foster child Louie from Season 10.

This article includes spoilers for the third episode of Season 10 of Chicago Fire.

Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) is faced with the idea of taking in Griffin (Cameron Scott Roberts) and Ben Darden, the sons of his old buddy and former Firehouse 51 member Andy Darden, in a full-circle scenario that harkens back to the first seasons of Chicago Fire (Corey Sorenson). Casey hasn’t seen the two boys in years, and the desire to assist them has brought up memories of his past, particularly of his former foster child, Louie.

Louie hasn’t been a member of the Chicago Fire cast since Season 5, so what happened to him? And where did the actor who played him go? Louie first appeared on the show when Casey was dating Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund). Gabby and Louie bonded immediately after saving him from a fire. Gabby and Casey applied to foster him after learning that his regular foster mother could no longer care for him.

They weren’t married at the time, but their love became stronger as their bond with Louie grew stronger. When Casey and Gabby wanted to file for custody of Louie, they decided to marry — but it wasn’t as simple as that.

Louie’s biological father reappeared around the same time and requested custody of his son.

At that moment, Gabby and Casey had formed a bond with Louie and decided to fight for possession of their foster child. However, the couple ultimately decided that they couldn’t stand to be apart from Louie’s biological family and agreed to relinquish custody to Louie’s father.

OK, Casey mentioned his kid Louie, and now I’m hurting. #ChicagoFire

This wreaked havoc on their marriage, and despite the fact that they had been dating for years, it was ultimately what tore them apart.

Casey lost not only a child with whom he had formed a strong attachment, but also his partner the last time he was a foster parent. Casey is forced to relive these thoughts in Season 10 as he considers taking in Griffin and Ben Darden.

Baby Louie was played by Austin Cohen when he was only 3. At the time, the kid actor was just starting out in his profession, yet he kept his recurring role… Brinkwire short summary.


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