Fans of Call the Midwife burst out laughing at the show’s candid cervical cancer storyline.


Fans of Call the Midwife burst out laughing at the show’s candid cervical cancer storyline.

On Sunday night, CALL THE MIDWIFE viewers were moved to tears when the BBC period drama featured an emotional cervical cancer storyline.

On Sunday night, viewers of Call the Midwife witnessed heartbreaking scenes as a woman was diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Sister Frances (Ella Bruccoleri) delivered the devastating news to Mrs Janis Cowper after noticing problems during a smear test in the BBC period drama.

Fans were moved to tears by the show’s emotional storyline, and many took to Twitter to thank it for addressing such a serious issue.

When Sister Frances broke the heartbreaking news, viewers were overcome with emotion.

“Unfortunately, the tests have revealed that you have significant cervical cancer,” she explained.

“The good news is that we caught it early thanks to your diligence.”

“With prompt treatment, you have a good chance of making a complete recovery,” Sister Frances said.

“What kind of treatment?” inquired the patient.

“You’ll need an operation,” Sister Frances said.

Mrs Cowper inquired, “To remove the cancer?” The nurse replied, “Yes.”

Mrs Cowper continued, “Then I’ll be cured?”

“Yes, that’s what we’d expect,” Sister Frances said.

Mrs Cowper inquired, hopeful, “So, I’ll be able to have children then?”

Sister Frances, on the other hand, shook her head and said, “Mrs Cowper, the doctors will need to perform a radical hysterectomy.”

“I’m afraid your womb will have to be removed,” she explained.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings while watching the emotional story unfold.

Many admitted that the dramatic plotline had them reaching for tissues.

“Oh, for the love of God.

I’m crying and it’s only been twenty minutes.

@KittyLGallagher used the hashtag (hashtag)CallTheMidwife in a tweet.

“I’m already crying! It just goes to show how important cervical screening tests are, and how important early detection of cancers is.”

It’s still heartbreaking even then.

“(hashtag)CallTheMidwife,” added @ReshmaSofia.

“It’s going to be a crying my eyes out episode, isn’t it?” said @cjc_cj.

(hashtag)CallTheMidwife.” [Sic] @CallTheMidwife1 (hashtag)CallTheMidwife.”

Others, on the other hand, lauded Call the Midwife for bringing cervical cancer awareness to the public’s attention.

“When you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you, learning that you’ll never have children can be devastating.”

Cervical cancer is a double whammy when you learn you have it.

@CallTheMidwife1 deserves a lot of credit for taking on such a difficult topic.

@NomadicWriter used the hashtag #CallTheMidwife.


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