Fans of ‘Better Call Saul’ believe these three characters might die in season 6.


About Better Call Saul and prequels in general, the craziest thing is that fans already know what’s going to happen.

But even though fans of Breaking Bad knew how Saul Goodman would turn out, his backstory was clueless.

And now that it’s heading into season 6, they’re scared of certain answers that are going to be revealed soon.

Better Call Saul is the tale of how Saul Goodman, the reviled criminal defense attorney from Breaking Bad, becomes Jimmy McGill.

But some of the supporting characters have become just as famous and beloved, including some who didn’t appear in the original series.

All this leads fans to speculate that in Season 6, some of their favorite characters from “Better Call Saul” might be killed off.

Missing characters are not usually dead from “Breaking Bad”

First, the obvious must be pointed out: just because a character is not in “Breaking Bad” does not mean that they are gone.

With his former study partner, Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad is about Walter White becoming a drug dealer. Not until the second season does Saul Goodman become part of the plot.

So it makes common sense that in Breaking Bad, some of Saul’s former partners are not part of the story.

An significant reference to Lalo and Nacho is there. In a single word, Kim is not mentioned. Yet, for beloved characters, these omissions are not inherently bad news.

Three main characters are in extreme danger in “Better Call Saul”

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Even if the missing characters in “Breaking Bad” are not certainly dead, based on their final life decisions, there is a fair chance they are.

First of all, there’s Lalo Salamanca.

Nacho Varga secretly tried to get Lalo killed in his house during the season 5 finale, but failed. When Lalo learned who had set him up, he got crazy and turned his mind to revenge.

The showdown between Lalo and Nacho would almost definitely finish at this stage with the death of one or both of them.

Saul hints that after Walt and Jesse kidnapped him in Breaking Bad, Lalo may still be alive. “No, it wasn’t me,” he says. “It was Ignacio [Nacho]. He’s the one,” and then he begins to speak Spanish. Jesse tells Saul to speak English and he asks, “Lalo didn’t send you?” When Jesse says no and says, “Oh, thank God.” he is relieved.

Saul clearly assumes that Lalo is alive and will come after him.

But he is?

Fans are truly concerned about Kim Wexler

Jimmy’s mom, Kim Wexler, is arguably the most famous person on Better Call Saul.

Kim serves as a moral compass for Jimmy for much of the season, which has endeared her to fans.

But then it took a turn in season 5, and now it seems like Kim’s going to the dark side and taking Jimmy along with her.

Fans worried for a while that the actions of Jimmy would force Kim to her death.

But now that she seems determined to bring down her former boss and Jimmy’s competitor, Howard Hamlin, despite her treacherous behavior, Kim might face a tragic fate of her own making.

Viewers of Breaking Bad already know that Mike and Gus are going to make it to the Heisenberg days.

But is Lalo going to remain in Mexico? Can Nacho flee with his father eventually? Can Kim become a shadow partner of Jimmy’s?

It is planned that season 6 of Better Call Saul will premiere in late 2021 or early 2022.

That day can’t come soon enough for excited fans.


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