Fans of Apink, Victon, and The Boyz hope for equal treatment if Play M and Cre.Ker merge.


Fans of Apink, Victon, and The Boyz hope for equal treatment if Play M and Cre.Ker merge.

‘Please respect all the artists equally,’ a fan said. Give them extra money for promotion.’ There has been speculation that the K-pop agencies Play M Entertainment and Cre.Ker Entertainment were discussing forming a new alliance. As of November 12, it has been revealed that the two agencies will merge to form IST Entertainment, a new company with the same name. Cre.Ker was a Kakao Entertainment subsidiary label that exclusively housed the K-pop group The Boyz. Although Play M is a subsidiary of Kakao, it has handled a number of renowned groups, including Apink and Victon, since its inception in 2011.

Play M’s initial girl group was Apink, and they later formed the band Bandage and their second girl group Weeekly. They had also inked a contract with IU till 2019, and their most popular solo trainee is none other than Huening Bahiyyih. Bahiyyih, TXT’s Kai’s sister, came in second place on Mnet’s survival show “Girls Planet 999” and joined the project group Kep1er. As a result, despite having such a large roster of artists, fans feel that Play M has not been doing their best for them, which they hope will change now that the company has merged with Cre.Ker.

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Play M and Cre.Ker have merged their labels.

Because The Boyz are Cre.only Ker’s musicians, their activities and comebacks have always been successful. They are allowed to discuss whatever they wish about their life and to be hands-on during their comebacks. Behind-the-scenes footage from the survival series ‘Road to Kingdom’ and ‘Kingdom’ revealed how they pushed their workers to their limits. Fans of Play M musicians, on the other hand, have frequently complained about abuse.

With viral hits like ‘After School,’ Weeekly is currently one of the most popular rookie groups, while Apink has always been a part of the discourse when it comes to leading second-gen girl groups. Unfortunately, Weeekly fans believe the label is playing it safe with its high teen idea and bubblegum-pop songs, whereas Apink’s comebacks have grown so rare that their most recent album was published in April 2020. Pink Pandas (Apink’s fans) believe that Play M is leaving Naeun out of Apink’s group activities since that she has left the label.

With Seungwoo enrolling, Victon’s military career has begun, and fans of both Victon and The Boyz are hoping for the best. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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