Fans of A Place in the Sun are furious at the ‘time-wasting’ couple for refusing to bid ‘Hour wasted!’ ’.


Fans of A Place in the Sun are furious at the ‘time-wasting’ couple for refusing to bid ‘Hour wasted!’ ’.

Fans of A PLACE IN THE SUN were outraged after Danni Menzies failed to gain a bid from Katrin and Thomas in Thursday’s memorable episode, despite the couple “falling in love” with two properties.

On Thursday evening, Danni Menzies took Channel 4 viewers to Malaga, Spain, for another chance to see if the A Place in the Sun host could land Katrin and Thomas their dream vacation house. Danni seemed to be doing everything right, as she found five lovely properties in the sun-drenched locale that were within the couple’s £250,000 budget. Katrin and Thomas seemed to agree as well, yet when it came to making an offer, they opted to keep their money in their pockets.

Katrin and Thomas had a long list of requirements for Danni to meet, including lots of outdoor space to raise animals, a secluded location, and at least three bedrooms.

According to Thomas, the first property was ruled out since it was “smaller than I expected it to be,” while the second house was also thrown out due to its mountainous terrain.

Danni stated after her seemingly great second alternative was ruled out, “I believed the chickens would be alright on the hillside,” but she wasn’t disheartened.

Danni finally found a competitor at property number three, a three-bedroom house on five and a half acres of land.

“I didn’t expect that, this is very, very nice,” Thomas added, as his other half was equally astounded.

As a result, the third option was their initial choice, and it remained their only choice until the fifth and final option was listed.

After eliminating out the fourth choice, they were interested in a lakeside property with four bedrooms and its own pool that was on the market for £267,000.

When Thomas saw the final option, he said, seemingly desperate to get one of the two, “Why are you making our lives so difficult?” It was all quite simple until half an hour ago,” Danni laughed, overjoyed at the prospect of landing not one, but two strong contenders.

When the trio reconvened the next day to see if an offer would be made on one of the two contenders, the mood soon altered.

Danni inquired about the couple’s decision after gushing over both residences, prompting Katrin to respond, “Well, we’re going with our.” Brinkwire Summary News


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