Fans notice an inaccuracy in a major Claire and Jamie wedding scene in Outlander.


Fans notice an inaccuracy in a major Claire and Jamie wedding scene in Outlander.

A big inaccuracy from Claire and Jamie’s wedding in season one has been discovered by OUTLANDER enthusiasts.

Outlander recounts the lives of World War II nurse Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe), who time travels to a different century and marries another man from the past despite being married. Fans detected a big inaccuracy in the historical Starz drama during her wedding.

Claire discovered some odd stones while on her honeymoon in Scotland with her husband Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies).

She was moved from 1945 to her exact place in the 18th century after attempting to get a closer look.

After nearly being kidnapped by a Redcoat, Claire was saved by a fellow Highlander and transported to a hut where Jamie Fraser (Sam Hueghan) was hiding out.

Claire offered to help him heal his dislocated shoulder after fighting with English soldiers, and the two fell in love at first sight.

As they rode to Castle Loch on the same horse, the two proceeded to get to know each other.

Viewers learned Jamie was in hiding after a bounty was placed on his head for a crime he didn’t commit, preventing him from returning to his family’s home.

After months of dating, the two agreed to marry in order for Claire to avoid the Redcoats, who were suspicious of her English accent.

She became Scottish after marrying Jamie, however it was at their wedding that people detected a significant blunder.

Claire was forced to participate in various Scottish rituals she was unfamiliar with at the wedding, according to a viewer on

“They need to slash open their wrists so they bleed,” the admirer wrote.

“Jamie and Claire have their wrists slashed into pretty explicitly,” they explained, “but as the episode progresses, there is absolutely no indication of the cuts that we were shown in any scene that is place after this.”

This keen observer remained correct for the rest of the episodes, with their wrists remaining uncut, including the hot wedding night scene.

Claire eventually explained her true history, and to her astonishment, Jamie trusted her, despite admitting he didn’t understand.

In 1948, he sent her back to the stones, and she returned to her husband in the future.

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