Fans mock Whitney Rose’s frantic attempts to befriend Lisa Barlow on ‘RHOSLC.’


Fans mock Whitney Rose’s frantic attempts to befriend Lisa Barlow on ‘RHOSLC.’

‘Whitney seems too desperate to be friends with Lisa,’ a ‘RHOSLC’ fan remarked. Girl!!!’ Since the beginning, Whitney Rose and Lisa Barlow have been at odds. Since Whitney offered Lisa severe criticism about her employees’ behavior at a party she hosted at her house, the ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ stars have been off on the wrong foot. Since then, Lisa has been cold-shouldering her co-star in response to Whitney’s criticism. Whitney was worried by Lisa’s aloof demeanor.

Whitney ultimately realized that, despite the fact that she and Lisa are two very different individuals, she still desires Lisa’s praise and friendship in the recently aired episode. The fact that both of the ladies’ husbands are close friends contributed to the pressure on the women to reconcile. So, on the recommendation of her husband, John Barlow, Lisa met up with Whitney to try to work out their problems.

‘RHOSLC’: Is Lisa Barlow picking a fight with Heather Gay and Whitney Rose just to be on the show? Brinkwire News’RHOSLC’: Is Lisa Barlow picking a quarrel with Heather Gay and Whitney Rose just to be on the show?

Is Lisa Barlow still friends with Meredith Marks? The stars of ‘RHOSLC’ got into a massive brawl. When the ladies got together, Lisa made it plain that she didn’t have any issues with Whitney. But the blonde housewife wasn’t convinced, and she began recalling moments from previous episodes in which Lisa had been overtly disrespectful to her, openly questioning why Lisa had acted in this manner. Lisa then stated that people were misinterpreting her words and actions, and that it was simply a matter of miscommunication that was preventing them from being friends.

Whitney nodded in agreement with Lisa’s explanation, and the two women raised a glass to their new friendship. However, it appears that their ceasefire may be short-lived, since the next episode’s promo clip shows the two females fighting once more. Although we’ll have to wait until the next episode to learn the details of their current feud, it appears like things aren’t going well between the two housewives.

Fans were amused after witnessing the discussion between Lisa and Whitney. Many viewers chastised Whitney for wanting to be friends with Lisa so badly. A admirer wrote on Twitter, “Whitney is putting in a lot of effort. She craves Lisa’s approval, but Whitney isn’t even on Lisa’s mind unless she’s causing her problems. #RHOSLC.” “Whitney is desperate for Lisa’s friendship. #RHOSLC, #RHOSLC, #RHOSLC, #RHOSLC “a supporter wrote Another supporter noted, “While eating pie, Lisa is attempting to be pleasant and get along with Whitney. This situation is exasperating because Whitney isn’t having it. #RHOSL #RHOSL #RHOSL #RHOSL #RHOSL #RHOSL #RHOSL #RHOSL #RHO” Whitney is putting in a lot of effort. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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