Fans ‘expose’ secret meaning in Jason’s attire in SEAL Team season 5’s feature ‘DB’s a fan!’ ’.


Fans ‘expose’ secret meaning in Jason’s attire in SEAL Team season 5’s feature ‘DB’s a fan!’ ’.

The genuine and shocking meaning behind the patches on Jason Hayes’ jacket has been discovered by SEAL Team aficionados.

The SEAL Team’s Navy seals embarked on risky missions all over the world, and CBS’ military drama gave viewers a glimpse into their lives. Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) led the Bravo squad, and he was frequently seen donning jackets with patches, which enthusiasts recently learned had a hidden meaning.

In the pilot episode, Jason Hayes made his first appearance as the intense leader who was dedicated about his profession.

His contemporaries admired him for his fast thinking and ability to support his teammates on the battlefield.

The Bravo squad was a very close bunch because they spent the most of their time on deployment together.

Because of their unshakeable patriotism, they were frequently required to leave whatever they were doing at the drop of a hat and be deployed on a new mission at the drop of a hat.

This frequently caused problems for their loved ones left behind, but Jason’s stubborn mentality made him believe it was his duty to fight and preserve his country.

Even after they attempted to reconcile before his deployment to Afghanistan, his estranged wife Alana Hayes (Michaela McManus) petitioned for a divorce.

Ray Perry’s (Neil Brown Jr) marriage was similarly in jeopardy when he refused to tell his wife about the pain he had endured on the battlefield.

In the season four finale, he made the decision to save his marriage and seek treatment for his PTSD.

Jason was a man with limited interests, so followers chose to learn more about him by deciphering the meanings of the patches on his jackets.

One Reddit user questioned a particular patch, asking whether anyone knew what it meant.

“DB is a HUGE hockey fan, so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone designed this expressly for him and they let him wear it because it looks cool,” a fan said.

Another stated, “I concluded it’s either a hockey patch because DB seems to be a big hockey lover or a play on ‘Jason,’ who is famous for wearing a hockey mask.”

David Boreanaz, the star of Jason, was a huge hockey lover and a die-hard follower of the Philadelphia Flyers.

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