Fans ecstatically respond to Stacey Dooley’s big announcement: ‘Back in action!’


Fans ecstatically respond to Stacey Dooley’s big announcement: ‘Back in action!’

STACEY DOOLEY’s Instagram followers were overjoyed when she announced that she would be back on their screens soon with a slew of new projects.

Stacey Dooley, 34, made a huge announcement late Tuesday evening to her 990,000 Instagram followers about some new projects she’s been working on, and fans couldn’t get enough of it. The BBC journalist confessed she was “aware” that she hadn’t updated her fans on what she’d been up to professionally in a while, and she wanted to give them the inside scoop on what was going on in her hectic schedule.

Dooley is back on the job! I’m excited to see what’s new. Stace

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Stacey announced the news on Instagram, where she videotaped herself slouched on the couch, speaking to her adoring fans.

“Hello, I hope everything is fine with you!” “I haven’t finished work in a long time!” she said as she greeted them.

“I’ve been filming for the second season of DNA! I’m overjoyed that they recommissioned it because it was such a hit the first time around.

She beamed as she described the “amazing people” who had taken part, saying, “It’s such a great gig to work on.”

Stacey Dooley (@sjdooley) shared a post.

“I think you’re going to love them and be rooting for them,” she stated, before adding that she’ll let everyone know when it airs.

But she didn’t stop there, saying, “I also wrapped a two-parter for BBC3 last week, and there are other bits and bobs that I don’t believe I can reveal yet…”

“It’s incredibly aggravating when people say, ‘I can’t say!’” Stacey trailed off as she poked fun at herself. ‘Give us a break!’ I always say, yet… here I am!” she laughed.

“And then there’s Hungry For It, our new culinary show, which I’m really excited about!”

She called the new show “amazing,” adding that it features “great judges” and that she “truly can’t wait” for people to see it.

“So, it’s all fine, I’m just mindful I haven’t been very worky on here at the moment,” she finished her late-night message.

“But that’s what’s going on… in case anyone is curious!” She ended by wishing her followers a “wonderful evening.”

Viewers were ecstatic as they rushed to the comments section. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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