Fans discuss what they would do if they could travel back in time to 1988 in the ‘La Brea’ fan review.


Fans discuss what they would do if they could travel back in time to 1988 in this ‘La Brea’ fan review.

Fans wonder what they would do if they were in Isiah’s shoes and had to travel to 1988 to grow up to be Gavin!

When it comes to plots and twists, ‘La Brea’ has it all, even if they don’t always make sense.

Eve is forced to send Isiah to 1988 in a bizarre ‘Back to the Future’-style twist, so that he can grow up to be Gavin, her husband and the father of her children.

Episode 9 delves deeper as the plot thickens, with Episodes 7 and 8 setting the stage for these strange events.

If you’re curious about what’s going on in ‘La Brea,’ read about Episode 1, Episode 2 – ‘Day Two,’ Episode 3 – ‘The Hunt,’ and Episode 4 – ‘The New Arrival.’

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Veronica’s dark secret is revealed in Episode 5 of ‘La Brea,’ and Eve makes a shocking discovery.

Eve thwarts Levi’s rescue mission, while Gavin fails to save survivors in ‘La Brea’ Episode 6

With Episode 9 revealing how critical it is for Isiah to go through the portal and live out his life as Gavin, it is up to Eve to make sure he does.

Josh and Izzy will vanish if this does not happen, and Gavin and Eve will never meet.

Aldridge also hands Lilly a page from Silas’ book and asks her to accompany Isiah through the portal.

She must complete this task, live out her life as Ella, and then reveal to Gavin in the present day that the next portal will open in Seattle.

Gavin might have a second chance to save his family now that he has this knowledge.

However, Silas’ threat remains, and it’s impossible to predict what will happen if an adult Gavin enters the portal.

The plot is currently unknown, as it is riddled with space-time continuums, time paradoxes, and no real answers.

And it appears that the fans are on board as well.

“(hashtag)LaBrea is soo bad! Is this the best (hashtag)NBC can do?” a fan wondered on Twitter.

“La Brea’s logic is illogical.”

Another added, “I have no idea why I’m watching it.”

“”Time is a circle,” but right now time looks like a pretzel, and you’ll need Jonas and Martha to pull you out of your funk.

One fan joked, “(hashtag)LaBrea (hashtag)Dark.”

“This show Labrea doesn’t make sense, but it does make a little sense at the same time,” a fan added.

Is this the best that (hashtag)NBC can do with (hashtag)LaBrea?

— November 24, 2021, Kylo Ren (@69KyloRen69)

The answer is no, according to La Brea.

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