Fans disclose big Hell mistake in Lucifer season 6 finale ‘Don’t comprehend!’


Fans disclose big Hell mistake in Lucifer season 6 finale ‘Don’t comprehend!’

In the Lucifer season 6 finale, fans reveal a major Hell blunder. ‘I don’t get it!’ Netflix’s LUCIFER came to a stunning conclusion last month, but some viewers were disappointed with the emotional series finale’s fate.

By the end of season six, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) has finally found his calling as Hell’s first-ever counsellor for doomed souls. While most fans were happy with Lucifer’s final ten episodes, the highly anticipated Netflix series’ finale revealed some major plot faults.

‘Lucifans’ have cast doubt on Hell’s existence by the end of the sixth and final season of the Biblical drama.

In the series finale, Partners ‘Til the End, Lucifer chooses to return to the Underworld and give therapy sessions for souls trapped there by their own guilt.

As the credits roll, he is reunited with his partner Chloe Decker (Lauren German), who has decided to assist him in his quest to save Hell’s condemned souls.

Lucifer’s older brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside) ascends to the throne of Heaven after his parents’ retirement in season five.

While the majority of fans were happy with the Lucifer family’s fate, some were bewildered as to why dead people were still being sent to Hell.

Gumbopudding questioned why God (Dennis Haysbert) would allow Hell to exist in the first place in a recent Reddit post.

“I’m not sure why God would allow Hell to exist just to have some otherwise lovely individuals suffer in a dreadful loop for the rest of their lives just because they feel guilty,” they continued.

“The conclusion also implies that Lucifer had a much more loving attitude on how humanity should be treated down there,” says the author.

“Was God wrong if Lucifer has a greater means of assisting mankind?”

According to the series’ laws, humans are trapped in horrifying time loops if they are still guilty at the time of their death.

Despite the fact that Lucifer eventually discovered a way to free souls, his therapy session in the series finale revealed that it is still a long and arduous process.

While God was depicted in the series as a neglectful dad to Lucifer, he nonetheless showed compassion to all of humanity on Earth.




This fan couldn’t understand why an otherwise loving God would create such a horrible future for good-hearted people who had been wronged in the past.

They then presented Lucifer with a new concept, which he accepted. “Summary of Brinkwire News.”


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