Fans congratulate Kelly for protecting Katie from Ariana’s ‘poor judgment’ on ‘The Voice’ Knockouts.


Fans congratulate Kelly for protecting Katie from Ariana’s ‘poor judgment’ on ‘The Voice’ Knockouts.

‘Katie Rae should have won that idc, but at least Kelly came through with that steal #TheVoice,’ one fan commented.

Ariana Grande is fast learning the ropes of her new role as a coach on ‘The Voice,’ as a first-time coach on the renowned singing competition show. Ariana cobbled assembled a rather remarkable bunch of singers for her Team Ariana after fighting tooth and nail with her fellow coaches during the blind auditions and covertly taking incredible singers from other coaches’ teams during the battles round. However, before her team can compete on the main stage during the ‘The Voice’ Lives round, the competitors will have to compete one final time in the knockouts round to represent their team on the main stage.

Despite the fact that Ariana entered the competition with the goal of winning her first season, she rapidly became linked to the singers on her team and became incredibly emotional throughout each elimination. So, for the knockouts round, Ariana took the risk and pitted two of her favorite teammates against each other. Ariana pitted Raquel Trinidad against Katie Rae with a heavy heart. Raquel’s enthusiasm and showmanship were great fans of hers, while Katie’s voice were to die for, she informed the season’s mega-mentor, Ed Sheeran. During the rehearsals, both contestants gave their best performance.

Brinkwire News’The Voice’ Battles: Ariana chooses Raquel Trinidad, Kelly utilizes stealth to obtain what she wants Hailey Mia Battles on ‘The Voice’: Ariana Grande chooses Katie Rae and saves Bella DeNapoli During their last performance, they put on an equally impressive show. Fans were blown away by Katie’s emotionally packed performance of ‘Hold On To Me.’ Despite Katie’s outstanding performance, Ariana decided to award the prize to Raquel. Kelly Clarkson used her steal option to kidnap the amazing singer just as Katie was going to kiss farewell to her adventure on the competition. Kelly’s move was praised by fans, who applauded her for sparing Katie from Ariana’s “poor mistake.”

Ariana’s supporters flocked to Twitter to criticize her for choosing Katie over Raquel. “Ariana obviously demonstrated her horrible judgment by picking BIG butt Raquel over Soulful Katie… #TheVoice,” a fan tweeted. “#TheVoice Katie bodied Raquel, but Ariana’s underperforming butt prefers Raquel “A supporter echoed this sentiment. Another supporter has been added. “NO WAY, that was a BAD choice Katie ate it up for #TeamAriana #TheVoice.” By picking BIG butt Raquel above Soulful Katie, Ariana has plainly demonstrated that she has poor judgment… Mariah Taylor (@Mariah39790935) (#TheVoice) (@Mariah39790935) (@Mariah39790935) (@Mariah 26th of October, 2021 #TheVoice Katie, on the other hand, bodied Raquel. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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