Fans attack Trey’s “stupid decision” in the newest nail-biting episode of In the Dark season 3.


Fans attack Trey’s “stupid decision” in the newest nail-biting episode of In the Dark season 3.

Season three of IN THE DARK continues to throw Murphy and her companions more curveballs, but some fans are becoming increasingly upset with their bad decision-making.

In this week’s dramatic episode of In the Dark, Josiah (Maurice Compte) got a step closer to finding Murphy Mason (Perry Mattfield). As the CW series heats up, Trey (Dewshane Williams) makes a big misstep that throws their plans into disarray.

The latest episode of the criminal drama In the Dark elicited mixed comments from viewers, as Murphy and his cohorts continued to make poor choices.

Season three got off to a rocky start, with Murphy and her friends Felix (Morgan Krantz) and Jess (Brooke Markham) forced to flee after their misdeeds were unearthed.

Felix discovers one of their victims, drug boss Nia Bailey (Nicki Micheaux), was truly broke after hacking into her bank account in episode four, “Safe and Sound.”

Murphy enlists Trey’s help to rob a casino with only $2,000 left in its safe.

Despite the fact that their list of crimes continues to grow, Murphy and Trey manage to walk away with $450,000.

Unfortunately, due to a tragic twist of fate, they manage to lose the stash almost immediately following a run-in with a dishonest cop.

As Felix and Darnell (Keston John) are being detained for raising a commotion at the library, Murphy and Trey arrive just in time.

Felix’s attempt to stand up to racial profiling lands them in hot water, as their arrest could jeopardize their cover after the gang fled.

Trey anticipates the police’ vulnerability to bribes and offers them a piece of their freshly acquired cash.

However, he makes a rookie mistake and offers the police the entire bag; when the cop realizes he’s in possession of over half a million dollars, he walks away with it all.

Trey’s actions, for many viewers, represented a trend of increasingly terrible decisions that has characterized the series since its inception.

Many fans of In the Dark resorted to social media to air their grievances about the show’s dimwitted characters.


“Trey should not have given that cop that whole bag,” one Twitter user remarked. I’m not feeling well.”

“That was silly to give him the whole bag anyway, just take the 100k out and give it to him.” Brinkwire Summary News, according to another.


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