Fans are fascinated with the amount of bathrooms in their homes that Queen Elizabeth, Prince William and the royals have


Followers are keen to show, for whatever reason, that members of the British royal family are just like the rest of us.

They have been listening enthusiastically for decades to learn about personal hygiene, food, and, yes, even bathroom habits.

Under all the pomp and circumstances, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry are all human.

And since they are so affluent, in the finest luxury, they take care of these human needs.

That’s one of the reasons why people can’t believe how many members of the royal family in their private residences have bathrooms.

Buckingham Palace has 78 bathrooms for Queen Elizabeth,

Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s main residence, isn’t a small cottage.

For different purposes, the sprawling estate includes 775 rooms, including 78 individual bathrooms, reports The List.

Will she recruit a full-time workforce just to clean the toilets? That wouldn’t have been unexpected.

Just about six out of those 78 bathrooms are part of Her Majesty’s private living quarters.

But the queen remains very discreet there, as always. When the Queen excuses herself to go to the toilet, the workers must remain far away, and she will never explain vividly why she says goodbye specifically.

A far more modest house for Prince William and Kate Middleton

When Queen Elizabeth II uses the toilet, no one knows

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have an exceedingly modest home compared to Queen Elizabeth’s palace.

And that means maintaining fewer toilets. Unfortunately, fans will never know just how many toilets William and Kate conceal behind closed doors, as Apartment 1A was never listed on the real estate market at Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

But we do know that there are about 20 rooms in Apartment 1A, not all of which are bathrooms.

The reality alone means that the Cambridges, before Prince William gets his major promotion to reigning monarch, live a little more realistically than the Queen.

There are a lot of bathrooms for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, too.

When they resigned as the longest-serving royals in early 2020, Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, gave the royal family a proper shake-up.

Before looking for a more permanent living environment in California, the pair spent some time in Canada.

The Santa Barbara mansion that the couple reportedly purchased cost $14.7 million, reported by the Evening Standard, and featured nine bedrooms.

But perhaps most shocking of all, 16 bathrooms were added – much more than Prince William and Kate had at home.

For a couple so committed to environmental concerns and that their carbon footprint, that’s shocking. But since the house wasn’t constructed, the amount of toilets isn’t entirely their fault. The staff there are likely to live full time.

But it is fair to say that not all of those toilets are used intensively on a daily basis.

It’s true that there are royals just like us.

Every day, they use the toilet (or loo) and even have a choice when nature calls.


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