Fans are ecstatic that [SPOILER] in ‘Legacies’ might actually be dead.


Fans are ecstatic that [SPOILER] in ‘Legacies’ might actually be dead.

This article includes spoilers for the fourth season of Legacies.

Every character in the CW’s Legacies has their ups and downs, but none more so than Alaric. Alaric, who has been a part of the universe since The Vampire Diaries and is played by the controversial Matthew Davis, would be a big loss for the series if he were to leave. At the same hand, many Legacies fans aren’t huge fans of Matt, and they’re eager for him to leave the show.

Hope takes the first step toward becoming a tribrid in Season 4, Episode 5. And nobody is there to assist her? Of course, it’s Alaric. That, however, does not go as planned, and his daughters, Lizzie and Josie, are now dealing with their father’s injuries. Is Matthew Davis finally departing from Legacies and the TVD universe as a whole? Alaric helps Hope transform into a full tribrid by allowing her to suck some of his blood in Season 4, Episode 4 of Legacies. When she completes the transformation, however, her bloodlust takes over and she attacks Alaric. She basically pulverizes him, leaving his daughters to worry while he dies.

Alaric’s narrative continues in the Legacies episode of November 11 when the doctors at the hospital (obviously) don’t know how he was harmed. As a result, Lizzie, Josie, and MG enter Alaric’s thoughts to learn what happened to him.

When the trio discovers that Hope has injured Alaric, they decide not to pursue her, instead pulling Alaric from his own thoughts and bringing him back to life. Alaric doesn’t appear to desire to return, unlike in the past (yes, he’s died before — this is the Vampire Diaries universe, after all).

Throughout these memories, Alaric apologizes to Lizzie for feeling like he failed as a father, and he uses the chance to say farewell to his daughters.

Lizzie, on the other hand, is still hopeful that Alaric will be okay. Lizzie is on the hunt for the truth and a cure in the future of Legacies. We also see Alaric in the next teaser, but he’s completely asleep, so Matt’s future in Legacies isn’t looking good.

Fans of the franchise are so desperate for Matt Davis to resign after some of his controversial actions and words that they’ve started a petition to replace him with Jensen Ackles. Matt was given the name Brinkwire in the year 2020.


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