Fans are distracted by James May’s blotchy face, so he explains it ahead of his solo comeback.


Fans are distracted by James May’s blotchy face, so he explains it ahead of his solo comeback.

Following the popularity of Our Man In Japan, a six-part unscripted series in which he explored the country, JAMES MAY has announced on Twitter that he will be making another series of his solo travel show.

James May: Our Man In The USA, a film based on the Grand Tour, will be released next year. The 58-year-old made the news in front of his 3.1 million Instagram followers, but many of them appeared to be distracted by his appearance.

“Hello viewers, now you’ve all been asking me…,” he said in a video.

“OK, some of you have asked…

‘Is there ever going to be another series of Our Man In?’ I’ve had a few Twitter replies asking. Because it was entertaining to watch you make a complete fool of yourself in Japan.

“Well, I’ve got some good news for you. There is, indeed!

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“Our Man In The United States of America will be here very soon.”

With an American accent, he added, “Awesome.”

James went on to explain why he had a “blotchy face” in his post.

“Exciting news!” he wrote. (Not that) And I apologize for my blotchy face; I was on a boat @primevideouk.”

With his long hair down and a white beard, the car fanatic made his declaration.

Fans immediately reacted to his appearance, with many comparing him to Billy Connolly.

“When did you become Billy Connolly?” one person inquired.

“Dear James, is there going to be any more The Reassembler?” wrote another.

“I find them quite relaxing. Thank you very much.”

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“On a boat?” joked a third. By the looks of #areyoubillyconnolly, it’s been around 50 years.”

“Are you now Si from the Hairy Bikers?” wrote a fourth. “Excellent news!”

Others voiced enthusiasm for a second season.

“This is wonderful news, I loved the Japan one and it has made me want to visit Japan,” wrote a fifth. “I can hardly wait.”

“Yes!” said a sixth. I can’t wait. The first show was fantastic!”

James will embark on a 4,000-mile fact-finding journey across the United States of America in the new series, a place of mountains and bayous, skyscrapers and deserts, a collision of a diverse range of viewpoints, cultures, and lifestyles.

He’ll be flying in from Cape Town. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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