Fans are concerned. Matthew Casey Could Be the Next ‘Chicago Fire’ Character to Leave.


Fans are concerned. Matthew Casey Could Be the Next ‘Chicago Fire’ Character to Leave.

This article includes spoilers for the third episode of Season 10 of Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire has remained an NBC regular for ten seasons and approximately 200 episodes. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about more than a few of the show’s well-known cast members. Numerous prominent characters on the program have either been written off or left in some form or fashion as the spinoff under the One Chicago umbrella continues to thrive. Annie Ilonzeh, who played paramedic Emily Foster in Seasons 7 and 8, was the most recent character to leave the program.

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) suffered a devastating injury in Season 9, prompting fans to wonder about his future on the program. Fortunately, Casey healed quickly and returned to work at Firehouse 51. However, Season 10 has resurrected the topic of whether Casey is preparing to say his final farewell. Is Matt Casey the next Chicago Fire player to leave? Casey received a surprise in the shape of an old buddy in Season 10. Andy Darden (Corey Sorenson) only had an appearance in the premiere episode, in which he was killed off. His death, however, had a profound impact on his close buddy Casey, who assisted Andy’s widow, Heather (Chaon Cross), in caring for her two sons. When Heather served time in prison, he became their guardian.

One of the youngsters returned at the start of Season 10. Casey is thrown for a loop when Griffin Darden (now played by Cameron Scott Roberts) returns to Chicago. Despite the fact that Casey spends a lot of time telling Griffin stories about his late father, Griffin addressed what’s been going on since his family moved from Chicago to Florida in Season 2.

Griffin says that he and his brother, Ben, have had a difficult time. Heather is back in jail after receiving a second DUI. Casey promises to take time off to help Ben and Griffin at the end of the episode, but according to the previews for Episode 4, he may do more than that. When Casey learns that Ben and Griffin are being placed in foster homes (maybe separate ones), he declares he’ll do whatever it takes to bring them back to Chicago.

Though fans had hoped to see Casey and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) embrace their new relationship status in Season 10, what happened?


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